DFG Crypto Partner Ni Kuang: The Exchange is a career, going in the direction of compliance

On the afternoon of July 28th, the 14th issue of Chainge Technology Salon – Breaking the Bureau: The new form of digital asset trading was held in Hangzhou Juju Caotang. In discussions about regulation and innovation, DFG Crypto partner Ni Kuang said that the exchange is divided into two types, licensed and unlicensed. The most similar model for an unlicensed exchange is the online casino in Southeast Asia, which accepts small-scale personal investment and is a traffic-driven business. "Business is difficult to use PE valuation, relatively short-sighted. We understand that the exchange is a career, to go in the direction of compliance." Hu Xiao Co-founder Chen Xiaohai said that supervision is produced in practice, reckless supervision It will obliterate innovation, and regulation is not necessarily a mature system, but regulation can regulate chaos and protect retail investors. It will make the industry produce a positive energy cycle. "But I don't think I will stop if I don't get a license," she said.