Lightning Labs Releases Lightning Network Monitoring Tool for User Visualization

According to Coindesk's July 26 report, Lightning Network, as a second-tier blockchain protocol, can significantly increase the transaction speed of Bitcoin and other networks. Currently, relevant developers have released a new monitoring tool for lightning network nodes. .

Lightning-strikes-san-francisco-california_800 (Source: goodfreephotos )

This week, Lightning Labs released a new network analysis tool called "Lndmon", which allows users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network to get information about lightning network node status and other related data. The tool displays the operational status of the lightning network and related data in the form of a color chart, such as the network fee or the “channel” of the lightning network payment that the user has opened.

This tool is very useful for users running Lightning Nodes because they need to set up nodes in order to use Lightning Network in the most secure way. And Lndmon allows users to more intuitively understand the running status of their nodes, whether the user is a player who is running a routing node and wants to make some money, or a node that wants to know more about the node and network other Information for bitcoin enthusiasts.

The project's head, Lightning Labs's software engineer, Valentine Wallace, explained in his blog:

With the development of Lightning Networks over the past year, we have noticed a flaw in the visibility of users when they understand their operational status, so we need an easy-to-use tool to help users manage their own nodes.

Wallace pointed out in the blog post that the tool can even prevent problems on the network:

This year, due to the lack of such a suitable tool, some problems in the peer-to-peer network have not been discovered until the problem becomes more and more serious.

Therefore, Wallace believes that Lndmon can “prevent problems by allowing users to monitor the running trend of the lightning network and take preventive measures in a timely manner.”

In addition to detecting problems that may occur with Lightning Networks, by viewing the charts provided by Lndmin, users can better view their payment history or use it to calculate how to use the lowest cost when sending a payment.

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This tool is easy to get started (at least for developers). Once the user has started and ran their node, they only need a few extra steps to run the Lndmon dashboard.

Lightning Labs is planning to further extend the tool, such as supporting more lightning network data, and allowing users to set notifications to remind them of relevant considerations.