"Jesus Survival" change blockchain game? Eat chicken to get cryptocurrency

Blockchain game marketing company Referreum said it has established a partnership with "Peace Survival" (PUBG). Refereum will reward PUBG players with RFR tokens.

Refereum CEO Dylan Jones said:

“PUBG grants Refereum special access to the PUBG login system, and we have tightly integrated our technology into the game by accessing their product APIs. ”

The initial publicity campaign will last until August 20. During this time, PUBG players can earn rewards on PUBG by logging in directly to the game and completing achievements such as victory.

The company said it had previously offered rewards to games such as Rotten Country 2, Fortress Night, Apex Hero and Battlefield series.

The company said it raised $32 million in private token sales in early 2018, creating RFR tokens to better connect game makers, streaming companies and players.

Game companies want influential people to play their games on streaming platforms like Twitch, and they want players to be able to watch them. Refereum believes that rewards are helpful, and recording these rewards on the blockchain can make them more transparent and fair.

According to Steam data, PUBG has about 350,000 online players every day.

Refereum said that RFR tokens can be used to purchase games, or in-game items such as weapons or skin, and to reward their favorite broadcasters.

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