Bitfinex CFO: The US government just wants to dominate the digital currency. If the market is dominated by it, it will be a disaster.

Recently, DragonEx Dragon Network CIO Joanne Long met with Bitfinex and USDT founder and CFO Giancarlo. The two sides planned and expected the strategic cooperation between Bitfinex and DragonEx. In addition, Giancarlo said that the US government only wants to dominate the digital currency. In fact, the circulation of USDT endorsement of the US dollar is beneficial to the United States. No one will be willing to cooperate with the United States in the next five years, and eventually the United States will isolate itself from the wall. In response to the Tether hearing on July 29, he said that the US government is only aiming because our business is too big, they want to share a piece of interest, but we can't do anything about it. We have not had a US user in the last 2 years, nor have we established any corporate entities in the United States. Their judges cannot make any judgments. The greater possibility is that the investigation will continue for three to five months. Fortunately, we have earned enough money to afford the best lawyers. I just want to promote digital currency and bitcoin to a wider application. If the digital money market is really dominated by the US, it will be a disaster that will destroy the entire digital currency system.