Well-known guests such as Linkedln founders attended the San Francisco meetup

On the evening of July 26th, US time, the conference was successfully held in San Francisco, USA. The famous block projects in the local area were invited as speakers to discuss the application and future of the blockchain. Wang Wei, founder of the BBFT consensus algorithm, introduced the architecture, performance and application scenarios of the original chain Blockchain-as-a-Service platform Bystack. LinkedIn co-founder Eric Ly introduced his entrepreneurial story and the blockchain project Hub being developed. Not long ago, Chainlink, which announced the development of the oracle with the original announcement, also sent a guest to introduce how the oracle will be able to create a contract than the original smart. There are also guests from SWFT Blockchain, SesameOpen, TokenSoft, Trade Terminal and InfStones to discuss the status, issues and trends of decentralized finance, Staking, and quantitative trading.