PeckShield: Wave situation about BTTBank was attacked by hacker "fake BTT"

According to blockchain security company PeckShield data, at 00:17 am today, hackers at the beginning of TCX1Cay created a large number of BTTX counterfeit coins and transferred a total of 40 million BTTXs to multiple addresses between 00:25 and 01:00 in the morning. Tokens, and the fake BTTX is washed into a true BTT and then attacked the BTTBank game contract at the beginning of TXHFhq. Up to now, BTTBank has lost a total of 180 million BTT. PeckShield security personnel preliminary analysis believes that: hackers use the counterfeit currency attack mode, by calling the invest function of the BTTBank smart contract, and then calling the multiple with the draw function to take out the BTT real currency. PeckShield security personnel preliminary analysis believes that this is a new type of extensive vulnerability after the TransferMint vulnerability, which will threaten the security of multiple DApp contracts, reminding TRON contract developers to be alert to such security risks.