Litecoin founder Li Qiwei deleted tweets about the instantaneous mining stage and was criticized by the community

On July 29th, Litecoin founder Li Qiwei recently published a comment on Twitter's instamine stage, although Instamine occurred eight years ago, the topic reignited the controversy, and Li Qiwei deleted it afterwards. Tweets from competitor Dash. In this tweet that was later deleted, he tried to explain the Instamine stage and pointed out that Dash may have committed more aggressive crimes. “It’s hard to estimate how much power will initially hit it. But for Litecoin, this is still fair because everyone has a fair chance. The unfairness of Dash is that it’s only in the first few days. After launching to a friend, the total supply is reduced.” Li Qiwei defended the low-density difficulty of the Litecoin mining in the Redidt article. “If I know the power at the time of release, I can make the initial The difficulty is set higher. But I would rather make a low-setting error at the time of release to prevent 51% of attacks, which is what I did.” The community expressed dissatisfaction with his initial postings and subsequent deletions. Remarks: Instant mining refers to the process by which a new cryptocurrency can be easily obtained within a short period of time after issuance. The purpose of instantaneous mining is to accumulate a large amount of available money supply at an early stage to obtain high profits in later sales.