Cross-chain project FUSION participates in the Firecoin FastTrack voting event

On July 29th, the cross-chain project FUSION (FSN) officially announced that it will participate in a new round of FastTrack voting activities. FUSION (FSN) has been on the line of DEX, OKEX and Bitfinex, Bittex, Upbit, Bibox, Liquid, More than a dozen exchanges such as bitmax, and the first in the currency exchange DEX SGD, the first day trading volume of nearly 5 million yuan. The SGD project will sell the original price (market price) of approximately 500,000 USDT equivalent tokens (approximately 50% off to the voting users). After the current period, the equivalent HT of approximately 500,000 USDT will be destroyed. FUSION (FSN) is a cross-chain, cross-organizational, cross-data source encryption financial intelligence contract platform. Its vision is to establish a platform-level public chain in the era of encryption finance, bridging different communities and tokens, providing complete financial functions, and connecting centers. The key value transmission of the decentralized and decentralized organizations to facilitate the early arrival of the value Internet era. The FSN token is the native token of the FUSION platform and can be used to pay for the platform. The coin on the coin is the FSN token of the ERC20.