The Firecoin Global Station will open the fifth FastTrack voting on July 31st.

According to the announcement of the Firecoin Global Station, the FastK Phase 5 (July 31) project PK is Fusion (FSN) and V Systems (VSYS) respectively, and the previous rules are followed. The two candidate projects will be one-to-one HT ticket PK. Projects with a larger number of votes will be executed on Wednesday, and items with a lower number of votes will be executed on Friday. The SGD project will transfer the original price (market price) to approximately 500,000 USDT equivalent tokens (approximately 50% off to the voting users). After the current period, the equivalent HT of approximately 500,000 USDT will be destroyed. The number of Koi in this issue has increased to 200, and the total amount of Koi still accounts for 20%.