Chain Travel Weekly (No. 27): "HyperDragons Go" finally crowned "Encryption Hero" to open NEO

The Chain Travel Weekly is a weekly summary of last week's chain travel performance, while displaying the latest chain travel information.

1 data inventory


The biggest highlight of this week's Ethereum is undoubtedly "Super Player", this chain tour based on "The Comet Knight", focusing on "asset confirmation", "content rich", "economic system health". Since the 10th on the line, I have been accumulating strength and finally got a breakthrough this week. I went to the throne of Ethereum 24H with the score of 1219. Although "HyperSnakes" is fourth in the activity of 24H, the 24H transaction volume of 32.28ETH is among the best in the world, ranking first in Ethereum.



EOS is basically not much changed. It is still "Tekken Planet" is the first to be active in the 3997's 24H. However, "Tekken Planet" and "XPET Monster World" returning to the list generally have a trading volume of 0H of 0H. Can't output more value. Compared with the transaction volume of "EOS Three Kingdoms" 262EOS, let alone the "Sword and Magic" which was fifth in activity this week, although the 24H active users of 495 are not outstanding, the transaction volume of 439EOS is real. At the eye, this also shows that the community users are more active than other chain tours.


Wave field:

"HyperSnakes" in the wave field ecology has a phenomenal decline in transaction volume and transaction volume this week. Its 24h transaction volume of 3325 has more than 1000 declines compared with last week, and its transaction volume is compared with last week's 160483TRX. It has shrunk by nearly half; "BlockLord" has entered the top five with a new round of version updates with 24 hours of 24h. This round of version updates does not target too much game content, more is the optimization of the mechanism. The data of its full line of red shows that the status is still in jeopardy. "Eggies World", a pet chain that lasted 25,000 TRX last week, is still in the forefront after the splendid performance. It has temporarily stabilized its position with the 259's 24h active and 13344TRX trading volume.



Compared with last week, IOST does not move. However, it is worth noting that the 24H active users and transaction volume of IOSTLAND have more than doubled compared with last week's 474 and 1384 pens. For the rest of the project, the data is floating within the single digits, plus the transaction amount of 0, which can be said that there are not many notable changes.



On the ontology chain, "HyperDragons Go! The resulting 4h active and 5152 trading volume of 4263 can be more than the first in the body, but the first of all chain tours DApp. The "Encryption Throne" lived up to expectations. Although it was embarrassing during the period after the on-line, it was finally taken up this week with 688's 24h active and 3628 trading volume. I hope that this performance will continue. "The Snakes ONTJOY" fell out of the list.


2 chain travel express

This week will introduce four new tours and two blockchain-based game platforms Laya.FairyLand and Arena Match.




This chain tour on ETH has just been launched on the official website, it can be said that it is still in the early stage of game development, and its specific game information is very rare. The official website only revealed the relevant game background: the cartoon characters entered the mysterious world. In this unique universe, the anime characters and the encryption technology met, the guardians formed an alliance, and the opponents fought, in a post-apocalyptic era, turbulent Fighting for survival in a war-filled universe.

The game claims to combine anime characters and encryption, and the specific combination is still unknown. According to this posture, the design of the certificate should be the collection of cartoon character cards and related game props. At present, in addition to the officially announced first person Bitsee Naka – Bitcoin blockchain entity, the rest are speculation.

The official whitelist has been opened, and first-hand information can be received by making an appointment in advance.

Official website:




This 3D interactive development chain tour and ENjin have reached a cooperation and officially become a member of the ENjin universe. The game's main game image is Cube Cube, and as a 3D development chain tour, the game image is more puppetized.

The Cube can be obtained through pre-sales adoption activities, and a total of 2,500 pre-sale limited cubes with huge gains will be released in the pre-sale. Apparel and skin can be obtained by purchasing a treasure chest. According to the information in the official website, the cube has reproductive and reproductive functions.

The pre-sale Cubes are unique ERC-1155 tokens, each equivalent to 5 ENJs, which is linked to the ENjin universe. Each Cube is priced at $19.99. Players can also purchase two or even three pieces of clothing or skin treasure chests, priced at 0.2 ENJ.

Official website:

Pre-sale URL:


Laya.FairyLand opens public offering this week


Laya.FairyLand is the UGC game cloud platform of ontology ecology. It is reported that it is a UGC game cloud platform based on HTML5 core technology. Its built-in system allows users to create a large number of creative games on the mobile phone without being familiar with programming. At present, Laya.FairyLand has received investment from more than 20 well-known institutions such as NGC, Distributed, OK Capital, PreAngel, and Time Stamp Capital.

The token type issued by the platform is ERC20, and the token name is FLDT. Currently, it is planned to open the public offering on the PIEXGO RocketGO platform during the period of 2011.7.26~2019.7.29.

Purchase address: 9FIXO%E9%A1%B9%E7%9B%AE-Laya-FairyLand

Arena Match


Arena Match is also an e-sports platform of Enjin. Arena Match is committed to solving the problem that players can't bet on e-sports. It wants to build an e-sports platform where players can bet free.

In Arena Match, players can bet through single-player skills, daily high scores, 1V1 matches and big escape modes. To win a bet you need to complete the scheduled challenge, such as entering the top five in PUBG.

Now online game as shown:


The platform will release platform currency AMGold, an ERC-1155 that can be bet or privileged by users on the platform. Now the platform is on the test version this month, PUBG players can experience it.

Download address:

"Dark Chain Tour God" – Chain Tour Edition "Diablo"


The world's first 3D strong PKMMORPG blockchain game – "Dark Chain Tour God" (hereinafter referred to as the dark chain) is about to launch the ontology chain opening test.

"Dark Chain" is a large-scale online game made with Unity3D engine, which has created a new era of combining large online games and blockchain depth.

Different from other small blockchain games, which only use the Coin of the public chain for payment recharge, "Dark Chain" itself issued the digital certificate CK, and created a virtual economic cycle in the huge game system. Each user has the address and private key on the public chain in the game, can freely transfer the pass and digital assets, and bind with the user's account password, creating a strong and easy to use blockchain application method in the game field. .

The dark chain proposes that CK coins are not ICO private equity, and use the economic value to create the strategic goal of CK market value. The adventures and growth of the game characters all carry out economic behavior around CK.

The dark chain is a gameplay in the blockchain field that creates a digital asset between players. PK can plunder each other's digital assets.

Official website:

"Encryption Hero" – NEO starting


Unlike the Japanese-made Encryption Hero on Ethereum, the chain tour is a new RPG created by the team of Encryption Throne, introducing a new pass mechanism and a hero destruction mechanism.

Recently, its head chain tour team TonArts said that at the end of July, NEO will be the first to launch the world's first Staking Game "Encryption Hero". Based on the accumulation of game production and public chain technology, the two sides jointly explored the segment of Staking Game. In the game, players can obtain the distribution rights of the hero NFT through Staking, and can also increase the intrinsic value of NFT through asset interaction.

TonArts believes that intrinsic value is given to NFT, which makes NFT possible to further integrate with DeFi in addition to the native application scene. Encryption Hero and its series of products will open up the issue, pledge, reorganization and destruction of derivative assets NFT. Complete asset financial cycle. It is reported that "Encryption Hero" will support users to enter for free, the product does not have pre-sale links.

As a blockchain game team that successfully produced the "Le Block" and "Encryption Throne" series products, TonArts launched the encryption hero to provide a landing solution for the application of Staking economy in the game field.

Game official website: