Enjoy the cloud node global node recruitment hot, the first batch of participating nodes vying for the show

On July 29th, the first batch of teams that participated in the first phase of the cloud network global node recruitment made a debut, competing to express their views on the cloud chain community governance, and attracted many attentions and votes inside and outside the chain. It is reported that the first week of the first phase of the recruitment of the cloud network global node, the cumulative number of mortgage chains in the participating teams exceeded 20 million, and the total number of votes won exceeded 47 million. The campaign situation is hot. The first recruitment will last from July 23 to August 30, and will eventually select 5 nodes. Enjoy the cloud chain launched an attractive incentive plan for the participating nodes. When the node is out of the block, the corresponding handling fee is fully rewarded to the recruiting node. It is the first case in the public chain field, and the average annual return rate of the node is about 16%.