Wanchain | August 20th Open Consensus Node Pledge, September 3rd Main Online Line Galaxy Consensus

The Wanchain PoS Galaxy Consensus will be launched on the main network in early September. The final phase of the test work and preparations before going online are in full swing.

The following is the time node from the beginning of today to the galaxy consensus on the main network when the key progress. Of course, the specific date may be fine-tuned due to factors such as development, but all members of the Wanchain team will do their utmost to ensure that the galaxy consensus is on schedule and on the main line.

Key date:

August 19th : A series of products related to the galaxy consensus were officially released.

  • The new Wanchain official website wanchain.org
  • Official desktop light wallet Wan Wallet
  • Official browser with galaxy consensus browsing query function wanscan.org
  • Verify node status tracking platform wanstats.io

August 20-September 3 : About the verification node. Participants can prepare and create (or create under the guidance of the Wanchain technical team) verification nodes in advance within two weeks.

August 20-September 3 : About the client. Participants can delegate WAN tokens to any trusted verification node within two weeks (as long as the upper limit of the number of delegates accepted by the trusted verification node is not exceeded).

September 3 : The Wanchain main network consensus mechanism was officially upgraded from the PoW consensus to the PoS galaxy consensus. The PoS consensus verification and pledge rewards were officially opened. Due to the descending order of the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus, the reward of 2.5 million WAN in the first year will be reduced by 12% year after year. Therefore, we encourage participants to become verification nodes or principals as soon as possible, refer to Wanchain's galaxy consensus.

For more details on the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus, visit the Wanchain online help:


Wanchain 3.0, cross-chain bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20

The release of Wanchain 3.0 means that Wanchain has opened up cross-chain transactions between Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20. This will serve as a model for any cross-chain application of any project developed based on Ethereum. Through the Wanchain cross-chain mechanism, any Ethereum-based applications, protocols, and decentralized transactions will break down barriers and achieve interoperability. For example, a decentralized exchange originally created based on Ethereum or a decentralized exchange created directly on Wanchain will be able to leverage the cross-chain technology of Wanchain 3.0 to implement existing pairs of tokens and bitcoins. Supporting transactions with Bitcoin will greatly enhance the liquidity of decentralized transactions. In addition, cross-chain technology can greatly expand business scenarios in areas such as asset lending and token payment. Any application that is currently limited to Ethereum's single network will be able to connect to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Achieving cross-chain Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 (such as MKR, Dai, LRC, GUSD, USDC) will have a profound impact on Wanwei Chain and even the whole industry.

About Wanchain

Wanchain is an asset cross-chain + privacy protection + smart contract. The three characteristics create a cross-chain digital asset infrastructure platform to de-centralize the connection and value exchange of different blockchain networks, allowing any individual and organization to be based on Wanchain. Create a decentralized app. As the first cross-chain between Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20, Wanwei Chain is fully promoting the development of a fully decentralized PoS consensus mechanism. On March 31, North America officially released the Yellow Book of Galaxy Consensus Technology. The Beta test plan has been fully launched and will be officially launched on the main website by the end of 2019. At the same time, Wanwei Chain teamed up with Telefónica and RIVETZ, Europe's largest mobile operators, to provide blockchain-based mobile security solutions. According to the plan, Wanchain will gradually realize the cross-chain connection with the main public chain and alliance chain of the industry. Wanchain adopts a global ecological operation and currently has offices in Beijing, China, Austin, USA and London, UK.

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