Baidu’s “abandoning son”, the universe that wants to die and die

Is the "element" of the universe a digital currency? Do you think that "element" has investment value? Can you gamble on the "element" to trade on it?

Two weeks ago, after L (pseudonym) added my WeChat, I started a series of questions. The cause was that in June last year, I was interviewed by the head of the project, Chai Qiaozi, and published two articles. However, at the beginning of July, there was news that Chaiqiaozi had left Baidu and joined a little bit of information. The author confirmed that the news is true.

It is such a seemingly normal job change, in the eyes of the users of the universe, it means that "Chaiqiaozi runs, the team disbands, Baidu has given up the universe." For any company, the product is replaced by death. Reasonable. However, the survival of the universe is related to the vital interests of a large group of more than 3,000 people.

Xiao L keeps repeating his point of view to me: “It’s not useless to use the APP in the universe.” “The Thunderbolt chain is on the exchange, is Baidu’s presence in Hainan not to issue coins?” and “Elements” The total amount is one billion. Why isn’t the digital currency limited?” He also showed so-called evidence, such as the screenshot below:


There is never a shortage of speculators in the digital currency field. Why bother to wake up a sleeper? However, things have changed. On July 27, after Baidu Super Chain’s first offline salon, someone said in the activity group:

"We are very optimistic about the product of the universe, and have invested 100W yuan."

It seems that the universe may not be an Internet product in the general sense. I contacted Xiao L and K in an interview. I was surprised to find that a hype chain of up to 3,000 people around the universe has already formed, and the universe may be blamed.

Crazy obsessive buyer, gambling element on the exchange

Since it is speculation, there must be buyers, sellers, and price fluctuations. Xiao L described the process of buying and selling elements to me.

First purchase the "Incoming" call recharge card on the "Star Market" of the Universe, you can pay directly through Alipay. Then, in the "purchase" section, the recharge card is replaced by an element. The current exchange rate is 20 yuan. The recharge card can be sold as 252 elements. The selling process is just the opposite. You can purchase a 20-yuan recharge card with 263 elements.


In the system setting of the universe, the element-to-phone recharge card should be terminated, and it is impossible to convert it into French currency. But there are many ways to trade in the over-the-counter market. Xiao L told me that, for example, there is a public number called "Enyi Technology", which can be converted into French currency from the element.

As a result, an indirect "exchange rate" is formed between the element and the legal currency, and there is room for speculation when it floats daily. The highest price appeared in late October 2018, the element just started trading, the element value was 1 yuan, the lowest fell to 0.05 yuan, and the current price is 0.08 yuan.

Xiao L told me that he bought 0.06 yuan from 0.26 yuan all the way, and has already invested 30,000 yuan in the element. He smashed a total of 160,000 elements, but in the football game of the universe, gambling lost 50,000 elements.

"If you can't get on the exchange, you will return to zero." "Do you still invest in other digital currencies?" "No, just believe in Baidu."

Vendors everywhere, over-the-counter net profit

Da K (pseudonym) is a development engineer. He came into contact with the concept of blockchain in early 18th. He participated in the speculation of two blockchain products of Baidu: the "calculus" of the Leitz dog and the "element" of the universe. .

Big K is very clear, even if Baidu has the algorithmic currency, the national policy will not allow, he just wants to make a fortune. "A lot of people have already earned hundreds of thousands, and some even have millions." Take calculus as an example. "When people are priced at 1 yuan, they bought hundreds of millions of points, and now they have risen to 11 yuan. It turned over 10 times directly."

We know that digital currency transfers require addresses, but "elements" and "calculus" do not have this concept. How do you trade?

"For example, calculus, I buy 100W calculus, then sell a dog, price 100W, then give the dog a link, you buy it and trade it; and for example, element, you can trade through the market or guessing, the market can Buying a call, guessing can be deliberately lost."

A huge over-the-counter market has formed on WeChat, QQ and QunQun. QunQun's app has an "element trading" community with a total of 3,000 members. You can enter a large group with 5W elements, and no more than 50 people with millions of elements. The elements can be directly exchanged with QUN here. QUN is the original token of QunQUN, and it is listed on the exchange of fire coins and OKex.


Li Xiao, the person in charge of Xiaoman, said that there are speculators. "Users have feedback. We have also stated that the Leitz dog and calculus are limited to the closed loop of the Leitz dog product, so that users do not over-interpret and leave the game itself. Some of the behaviors that are potentially harmful to users and companies have always been our legal attention."

默 薅 薅 薅 沦 沦 沦 沦 沦 沦 沦 薅 薅 薅

As far as the above is concerned, I don't think Baidu itself has too much fault. It is nothing more than a wishful thinking of a group of speculators. However, as the interview progressed, I found a shocking thing.

On February 23 this year, the universe launched a new blockchain game "Genesis Yuan". It is not a universe, but a third-party application. The universe is equivalent to a bridge, providing interfaces for element replenishment and cash withdrawal. The game is dominated by six planets, namely the nickname planet, the ingot planet, the rich planet, the galaxy, the invincible lucky planet, and the most 6 planets.

After the game went live, six planets were auctioned in the universe. It is reported that a total of 2 million yuan worth of elements. The team members of the "nickname planet" told me that only the nicknamed planet took 340W elements. At that time, an element worth 0.3 yuan, equivalent to RMB is about 100W. "But after the auction, I realized that it was a sandbox game, and there were elemental gains every day. However, it was not the same as expected. It was originally expected to be returned in one year. Now it seems to be back to 1/3."

It sounds like the concept of distributed autonomy in blockchain right? However, the author has verified that the six planets of Genesis Yuan are actually just a shell. They have a common operator, the "basic world." The basic world is a blockchain-based game operation platform, which is claimed to be the first operating platform for the props trading model, and it also issued a coin, codenamed XGAME.

"The universe knows, so XGAME is not allowed on its own app." "By the basic world, they have taken away the flow of the universe."

Even more blood is, it is reported that many of the stars, was taken by the "studio." The so-called studio is a group of more than 100 mobile phones that can smash wool.

"I think that is illegal," said a person familiar with the matter. Do you know the universe? "Know that the owner of the planet and the head of the universe are in a group." The aforementioned Enshi Technology is one of the main shareholders of the planet.

Does the Cosmic team have a tacit attitude towards the whole thing? In contrast, calculus has also encountered the wool party, but Li Feng, the person in charge of Xiaoman, said: "We have a series of measures to combat black production, including face real name authentication, transaction password, verification code, single limit, Limits on transaction times, reproduction restrictions, and extended breaks, etc., to combat black production while ensuring the rights and experience of ordinary users."

Baidu’s abandoned son, who wants to die, does not dare to die.

How is the universe? It seems to have been "dead".

First, the team is suspected of disbanding. Babbitt has contacted many parties and hopes to obtain an explanation of the universe. However, the original product manager, Chai Qiaozi, was exposed to Baidu in July and joined a little bit of information. The original operation leader no longer responded to WeChat, and the original public relations official said that he would no longer Responsible for this part of the business.

Chaiqiaozi said that the universe is now under the responsibility of other Baidu teams. However, the Baidu blockchain laboratory replied: "The universe is an independent team, and the Baidu super chain is not in a system. As far as we know, the universe is still undergoing daily maintenance."

Second, routine maintenance does not seem to exist. The last product launched by the Universe was the Genesis Dollar, which was launched in February. Whether this product directly led to the suspected death of the universe is unknown. Since February 17 this year, the official WeChat 6 group of the universe has no content to share. The Cosmos public number will not be updated after May 8.

Finally, the user appeal no longer responds. "The Apple mobile phone can't be played, it can't be installed, and our players have complained for a long time, just ignore it." Big K said, "A lot of investors want to come in, but they can't get in. The reason is the newcomer certification problem." The newcomer certification problem means that newly registered users need face recognition, but it is not acceptable. Big K said: "I personally think it is intentional. From a technical point of view, this problem is well solved. I don't know why it has not been resolved for such a long time."

As a veteran player in the universe, Big K said: "I feel that just a lack of a good product manager, based on Baidu endorsement, can completely create a particularly fun application, DAPP developed by the super chain can be accessed. Maybe Baidu's focus Not on this, Baidu's layout is too big, this is just a fur, so no one came out to pick up this project. This project can only be in a state of stagnation, slowly losing users, and finally moving towards…"

If the universe is out of business, don't you worry about all the people who are frying? Big K said: "The departure of Chaiqiaozi did lead to the loss of some users. But so many investors, he did not dare, or Li Yanhong would have to be…"

"Haha, I just want to die, I don't dare to die." Big K concluded.

In just one year, the first native application of the Baidu blockchain was so stunned by speculators, and Baidu seemed to regard it as a “discard.” Baidu may be able to argue: "This is not intended," but if speculators cause losses, will they really be better? This time bomb has not been lifted.