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Han Feng, Visiting Fellow at Columbia University, former Block Manager of Huawei Academia Sinica, Secretary General of the Asian Blockchain DACA Association, and Director of the Laiyun Foundation

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From the dilemma of advancement and retreat to the freedom of spirit and wealth

My previous experience can be divided into three stages: entrepreneurial period, regaining quantum mechanics, and meeting bitcoin. It is logical and seamless.

I was an early Chinese Internet entrepreneur. I founded the voice online education platform in the mid-1990s, and my performance was once 1/3 of that of New Oriental. In the eyes of others, I started to make money, live in villas, and drive luxury cars. This kind of life is not bad. However, such a day is very depressed and confused for me. The 10 years of entrepreneurship is my spiritual downturn.

My 10 years of spirit is very confused. After I earned the first pot of gold, I could not find my direction. Later, he slacked the company and ran back to Tsinghua to study quantum mechanics. It would be a self-comfort to learn quantum mechanics. The last two can't be coordinated, I sold the company at a low price. And decided to do at least one thing that I liked in the rest of my life, I finally found myself like quantum mechanics. So I went back to Tsinghua and told the tutor: I don't want anything, I just want to come back and learn quantum mechanics with you. I am also very grateful to my mentor for accepting me in my 50s.

At that time, my economic situation went down. I didn’t have income, I still had to pay my debts. The standard of living was quite different from before, but I felt that I had a direction in spirit. That was the most free time in my spirit.

At the same time, I touched the digital currency and started to speculate. The ingot that was bought has risen a hundred times and earned a hand. I have not seen this scene before, and I was very shocked at the time.

Later I combined quantum mechanics with Bitcoin, which is perfect. Bitcoin and blockchain are social practices that are quite mathematically constructed on the basis of theory. When I use the knowledge of quantum mechanics, it is easy to re-architect. I shoulder the responsibility of the evangelist. Then I will go everywhere to preach. In fact, the sermon is both the quantum mechanics of cloth and the blockchain of cloth. I have combined these two often and can be gradually accepted by everyone. Later I wrote a book called " Quantum Wealth View.

From 2014 to 2015, the digital currency market was in a bear market, and my futures broke the position, and the losses were very bad. But I was only sad for a few days and I returned to normal. After the explosion, I went to Tsinghua for a lecture during the day and slept more than 100 hotels at night.

At that time, a lot of people helped me. Xu Coxing of OKCoin asked me to be a consultant. I gave me 8,000 pieces a month. At that time, 8000 pieces were very hot in the snow, and I have been giving him for several years. In addition, in 2014, my friend introduced me to the Wudaokou Finance College to give lectures, talk about bitcoin, blockchain, and give me 1W block. At that time, the 1W block was really expensive for me, and some people were willing to make a 1W block… I am very happy, and I dressed myself very formal to lecture.

In the middle of 2015, the digital money market was still in a bear market. Professor Li Shanyou from Chaos University asked me to talk about quantum mechanics. But I want to combine quantum mechanics and blockchain, and talk about this topic to thousands of people. The good news is reflected in the red envelope that the audience will reward you. I said that Zhou Hongwei, who is 360, can speak very well, and 360 has done so successfully. After he finished speaking, he was rewarded with a red envelope 1W. At that time, I thought, I have to be able to pass 1W, so much luck. Professor Li Shanyou, they comforted me, saying that no matter how I speak, I will give me at least 3W of money for 3 hours. 3W money is also a price for me…

I have been preparing for more than a month. I was facing 2000-3000 people that day. I was sweating and my clothes were soaked… Everyone listened carefully. No one left, I think it was quite successful. Finally, the red envelope rewarded more than 5W, I was very encouraged at the time. That is a sign that makes me firmly believe that the combination of quantum mechanics and blockchain will be warmly welcomed by the society. IMG_7326

Non-localization is the most essential existence of the world

Later, the bull market slowly came, and the digital currency in the wallet went up. There were tens of millions of people on the other side. I couldn’t find the North. After a few days of emptiness, I once again confirmed that my true hobby in my life is based on the history of quantum mechanics. I hope to build a truly new worldview. This is not only in the field of quantum mechanics as physics, because after I have this worldview, I find that it can slowly connect together to understand the digital currency of the future, the numbers into wealth, and even the entire universe.

In fact, quantum mechanics now goes far beyond the boundaries of its physics itself. On the one hand, it is developing quantum information and quantum computing very well. On the other hand, I think its real meaning is to provide a brand new world view. Newtonian mechanics gives us a world view that is seeing is believing, but quantum mechanics finds no.

I have a friend who says that quantum describes: there is an invisible world behind the visible world. He said that it is quite popular. You can imagine the world as a cloud. What you see is always only a part of it. It can show part of it. It can be developed under certain experimental conditions, but its most essential existence is non-localized, like a cloud, which is diffuse throughout the space.

The philosophy of the East should be based on Newton's worldview. For example, the earliest Buddhism had the concepts of "color" and "emptiness." Buddhism believes that once you understand "emptiness," you can understand the essence of everything. It refers to the holistic nature of matter, or the non-locality that Einstein said. It is often the essence of the world, and what you see is only a part of it, just the development under certain conditions. Therefore, the proposition of Buddhism is called "color is empty, empty is color" and the like.

The whole thing cannot be completely obtained through one observation and partial information. Therefore, Lao Tzu did the opposite and simply advised humans to give up the kind of specific details. What he said was "Tao Dao, very Tao, name is famous, very famous", what is "normal road", refers to the holistic and essential things, very similar to the concept of Buddhism.

So I think quantum mechanics and distributed systems are quite able to combine. Where do you say bitcoin is? In fact, it is not there anywhere, everywhere. It naturally inherits this concept, and its entire computing process is called computational thinking, which is in line with quantum mechanics MAX1. This is also the long-term can use entropy to understand the blockchain, and later I found that this logic is completely self-consistent.


The next round of bull market on the digital privatization

I have experienced two bulls and bears. At the end of 2013 and 2017, I was a bull market. I have been following these two rounds. How can the bull market form, I can't predict it, I didn't expect it to come before the bull market, and I was not prepared enough.

But I have been thinking about the next round of bull market, especially after I arrived in the United States on February 1 last year, I thought when it will come. Looking at the global perspective, I think that the Chinese generally ignore a vision, that is, the formation of a bull market, must have formed a vision of common aspirations for the whole world, and it can also be called consensus.

The first round of bull market is bitcoin. A distributed network around the world can issue currency. It is called bitcoin. It was great to give me a brain hole at the time, and it was also driving me why I had such a vision and life goal. Later I used quantum mechanics to explain why a distributed system is much more efficient than a centralized system. Future trends are decentralized systems. This vision has played a vital role. It is a global bull market. It must be a global resonance phenomenon, definitely not brought by any country.

The second round of the bull market is Ethereum, and Vitalik is still a 19-year-old child. Why did he write a blog post that caused a global response? The most fundamental thing is that he creates an unstoppable smart contract. Its essence is unstoppable. It means that I rely on distributed computing on the whole network. There is no centralized thing to terminate this contract and interfere with its execution.

We suddenly found that it is possible to rely on a network-wide calculation and a distributed blockchain system to ensure that the contract is executed without interference. This is absolutely a great encouragement to human beings, which truly realizes Adam Smith's global free market. .

What is the third vision? I think it is the second generation of the Internet. The future of the Internet, decentralized applications in every link of the Internet, including communication links, storage links, now have corresponding projects. It will constitute a new generation of the Internet, fully capable of protecting everyone's own data and privacy. In this case, I think Zuckerberg broke the window paper in a recent speech. He said that this is the future digital privatization movement, which is a very great sport for mankind. The idea of ​​issuing libra is to firmly believe in the digital privatization movement.

I think the next bull market is very likely to condense on this vision – the second generation of Internet data privatization movement, because everyone's data belongs to itself, this is a new era of wealth.

In the history of mankind, any privatization movement will have a corresponding wealth movement, which will greatly increase human wealth. In the next round of bull market, I firmly believe in the privatization of the second generation of Internet wealth.

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