Bitcoin added 7 nanometer capacity. New mine capacity in the first half of next year may reach 58 million TH/s

Bitland’s “immediate rush” is still paid in cash.

According to the Taiwan Economic Daily, the supply chain came out. When TSMC's 7-nanometer capacity was in short supply, it was again rushed to the mainland. TSMC urgently added 7 nanometers of capacity for this purpose. It is expected to increase 10,000 pieces per month from November.

Although the report does not clearly state the total amount of 7-nanometer orders that Bitland has pursued this time, but this news has verified that the technology of the big V "mobile phone chip master" mentioned in the news that "bit mainland does not cash in hand" Less said, Bit China’s “immediate rush” is still paid in cash.

According to reports, Bitumin announced in April this year that the new mineral ant concentrator S17 Pro (56T) has been loaded with TSMC 7nm process wafers, taking the ant mining machine S17 Pro as an example. According to industry analysts, a 12-inch 7nm nano wafer can roughly cut out 3,000 ASIC miners. Then, each S17Pro mining machine is equipped with 144 chips, each of which can be roughly calculated. Each 10,000 7nm wafers can produce 208,300 ants S17 Pro mining machines, which is an increase of 11.66 million TH/s. force.

According to previous reports from and Chain Finance, Bitcoin has previously ordered 30,000 7nm nano-wafers from TSMC to produce about 625,000 7nm miners in two quarters. In the second quarter, it can provide 33 million TH / s of computing power.

If you add another 10,000 pieces per month from November, then by the first to the second quarter of 2020, only the ant mining machine S17 Pro will calculate that the new mining capacity will reach 58 million TH/s. force. According to the calculation of all 7nm mining machines displayed on the website of Bitcoin's official website, the computing power that the 7nm new mining machine of Bitland can provide in the first to second quarters of 2020 will increase to 55 million TH/s to 65 million TH/ s.

As the first chip manufacturer to master the 7nm process, TSMC has almost all orders for 7nm chips worldwide. According to fast technology reports, thanks to a 22% increase in revenue in June, TSMC's Q2 quarter consolidated revenue of NT$240.99 billion, operating net profit margin of 31.7%, of which 7nm process revenue accounted for 21%, Chengchuang revenue.

At present, TSMC's 7nm capacity is full, and demand is in short supply. Qualcomm's 7nm order has returned to TSMC, and Huawei is currently sprinting in the 7nm process. Huawei's latest chip, the Kirin 810, also uses TSMC's process technology. On July 26, TSMC just announced that it will recruit more than 3,000 new employees to support the company's business growth, including semiconductor equipment engineers, R&D engineers and production line operators.

The Taiwan Economic Daily reported in detail in the report that the BTC mainland urgently added 7nm orders, and TSMC’s senior team responsible for the 12-inch production recently made a special trip to Japan to finalize key semiconductor equipment, expand 7-nanometer capacity, and determine the emergency delivery. schedule.

It is expected that this order will make TSMC's 7nm capacity contribution this year's revenue share soaring, which may be higher than the estimated annual revenue of the front-end ICBC.

Source: Financial Network · Chain Finance

Author: Xi breeze