Media: The currency security charity is questioned by the "fake charity" due to financial problems

According to the financial network news, the reporter checked the information and learned that in the initial stage of the BCF launch, the money security donated 10 million US dollars of start-up funds to the BCF; in early October 2018, the currency security announcement issued that the currency security will allow the project team to submit what they think For the cost of the currency, this fee will be donated 100% to BCF. At the end of October 2018, Sun Yuchen said on Weibo that he would donate $3 million to BCF. In response, the BCF spokesperson responded: “The donation of US$10 million is a promise, and the remaining donations are temporarily put on hold.” At the same time, Sun Yuchen’s promised $3 million cannot be found on the website, but After the foreign media reporter questioned, the donation information was updated on the BCF website.