The Tether hearing is over, and the BTC has not been able to make a big break. Is there still a chance to make a new high?

At the USDT hearing yesterday, the two sides had a fierce confrontation. Bitfinex claimed that Tether was not a security or commodity, so the court did not have the subject matter jurisdiction and made it clear that it did not provide services to New York customers. The hearing has ended and the judge has not made a ruling. Said that it needs to be considered more carefully. At present, the market value of Tether has exceeded 4 billion US dollars, mainly from the large-scale issuance of the Ethereum platform.

The market is basically a smooth transition, and there is no big fluctuation. From the current fundamentals, USDT is temporarily safe. I am afraid that the most disappointing is the other types of stable coins. As a direct competitor of USDT, I want to shake USDT. I am afraid that there is still a long way to go.

The Fed’s meeting on interest rates is about to begin. The US President’s three consecutive tweets slammed the Fed’s interest rate cuts, saying that “small” interest rate cuts this week are not enough. Trump said on Twitter that the European Union and other places will further reduce interest rates and inject funds into their systems to make it easier for their manufacturers to sell their products. "At the same time, in the case of very low inflation, our Fed does nothing – in contrast, it may not do anything. Too bad!" The US president has threatened the Fed chairman more than once. Asking them to cut interest rates to increase the competitiveness of US merchandise exports, the Fed chairman has recently been unable to hold back pressure. The interest rate cut has become a high probability event. In addition, the recent major central banks have frequently increased their holdings of gold, and the strength of the increase is increasing. There must be something big happening. Under the influence of the Fed’s interest rate cuts, gold may continue to rise. Will bitcoin, which has recently been tied to the concept of gold, rise again with gold?


Yesterday, BTC closed a cross star. This is probably not in line with the expectations of most people. According to the past trend, after the hearing, the price of USDT will fluctuate drastically, which will encourage funds to enter the mainstream category such as BTC. However, this time there has not been a similar trend. Many people who are latent in the future may be disappointed to leave. At present, the target has not successfully returned to the 5 antennas. It has been falling along the 5 antennas, and the volume of the decline has slightly increased. Therefore, indicators are almost always good for short positions. Individuals think that it takes a certain amount of time to regain strength, and there is a need for repeated shocks. After waiting for the direction of the amount, individuals tend to stop at 9,000 dollars to form a double-bottom structure. Or, if you go directly to the pressure of $10,200, you can continue to bullish to the pressure level of $11,000. You still need to be defensive. If you fall below the support of $9, you need to wait and see.


Yesterday ETH followed the BTC to receive the cross star, the transaction volume was slightly enlarged compared with the previous day, the moving average system still kept the short position, diverging downward, forming a greater pressure on the currency price, the macd indicator has signs of the golden fork under the zero axis. Under the zero-axis, it is a weak area, and the strength is not strong. I personally think that the target will be consolidating within the range of 190-225 USD in the short term. It can be low-suction near 190 USD and a high-risk near 225 USD. The action, an effective breakthrough of $225, was bullish to $260, effectively falling below $190.


BCH is relatively strong, still sticking to the bottom of the $330, and has not followed the army to explore the bottom of the previous period. At present, the volume of the target has shrunk to the level of the land, and the macd indicator is also under the zero axis. Weak, short-term moving averages have no trend direction. Personally think that the watch has the possibility of forming a breakthrough at any time. At present, it may be oscillated in this place to repair and repair the bad indicators. If it breaks through 330 dollars, it will be bullish to 352 US dollars. The dollar is bullish and ineffective.

The BNB BNB trend is obviously weaker than the mainstream varieties, and the bottom support of the single-needle bottom is re-explored. At present, the bottom cannot be effectively supported and will continue to fall along 5 or 10 antennas. The moving average system will remain short. The macd indicator repeatedly repeats the golden cross in the weak area. Maintaining the previous view, the target is still a bottoming path, and the previous low of 24 US dollars does not constitute an effective support, and will continue to explore and pay attention to risks.

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