Guangzhou builds a high-standard "digital government" and uses the blockchain to improve the city-level electronic license system

According to the Guangzhou Daily News, on July 27, Zhang Wentao, secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Government Service Data Administration, spoke at the Yangcheng School of “New Vitality of the Old City”, revealing that the “Promotion Plan for the Reform and Construction of the “Digital Government” in Guangzhou” was recently issued. It puts forward a list of key tasks for reform and construction in 2019, and builds a high-standard "digital government", which outlines a beautiful future digital life blueprint for politics, enterprises and the people. The Guangzhou Municipal Government will combine intelligent technology to create a government big data platform for government departments at all levels and covering the entire government service, providing accurate services for government departments, industry development and service people. In addition, the city-level electronic license system will be improved in conjunction with blockchain technology.