Feng Xin, Lei Jun, Wang Feng, Jiang Tao, Fu Sheng and other Jinshan veterans have put the blockchain into a complete ecological map.

On July 28th, the news that Feng Xin, CEO of Storm Group, was arrested in the technology circle. Due to the acquisition of the Storm Group in 2016 and Everbright Capital, the news said that Feng Xin had a bribe in the financing process of this project.

On the morning of July 29, Wang Feng, the founder of Langang Interactive, wrote a message in a circle of friends about Feng Xin being arrested. “I used to work with Feng Xin in Jinshan Software for many years. At that time, I was his boss. I took him from the Southwest. The district was transferred back to Beijing to serve as the market leader of Kingsoft Internet Security…. Wang Feng tells his love with Feng Xin.

Feng Xin and Wang Feng are the old departments of the Jinshan system. In addition, the famous figures of the Jinshan system include Lei Jun, Jiang Tao, Fu Sheng, etc. It is worth noting that in the past two or three years, they have entered the blockchain field.

In 1997, "Jian Xia Love" produced by Xishanju, a subsidiary of Jinshan, opened up a love of rivers and lakes in the game world. The technology circle that has come out of Jinshan has embraced the blockchain and continued to write love in the rivers and lakes of the blockchain. Mutual chain pulse processing found that a complete blockchain ecological map was assembled.

From Jinshan to blockchain

If the Tencent Department is able to use the text and the Ali system is good, then the Jinshan Department of the Chinese science and technology map is "daring to swear."

(50,000 words are omitted here.)

Jinshan entrepreneurs have worked hard until 2017. In the eyes of outsiders, they are worthy of fame. At the beginning of 2017, Feng Xin plans the future of Storm Group. The annual report reveals that Storm Group focuses on VR and AR, focusing on IP investment, project incubation and product operation in the fields of cultural tourism. Feng Xin prides himself on preparing for the grand exhibition.

In 2017, Lei Jun terminated the momentum of Xiaomi's decline. In the same year, Xiaomi's mobile phone shipments returned to China's first. In the same year, Wangfeng's Blueport Interactive achieved breakthroughs in overseas markets such as South Korea and Southeast Asia. Its games accounted for many markets. First place, overseas market revenue rose 36% year-on-year; Fu Sheng led the company's net profit in 2017 by 5 times year-on-year; Jiang Tao's CSDN registered users 52.62 million, after de-emphasis, the number was 22.5 million, the largest in China Developer community.

It is not easy for the Jinshan Department to survive in the Chinese Internet in the BAT gap.

Interestingly, from the beginning of 2017, the old Jinshan department has entered the blockchain.

Jinshan Department of Datong Incoming Blockchain

(tabulation: interchain pulse source: public information)

On December 8, 2017, a blockchain hardware product called “Storm and Cool Cloud” was launched. The official announcement that the first batch of 2,000 units was robbed in 5 minutes. The product's idle storage space and bandwidth can be used to earn BFC points, provide storage and bandwidth support for storm files and third-party CDN services, and support the deployment of third-party blockchain networks and even as third-party blocks. The entire node of the chain network. As soon as this product was issued, the share price of Stormwind Group rose.

In fact, the product is affiliated with the storm new movie, Feng Xin controlled Stormwind Holdings Co., Ltd. is a new movie shareholder of Stormwind, holding a 9% stake in Stormwind. In other words, this is the blockchain project that Feng Xin hatched himself. The current storm cloud project is still in operation.

In the Jinshan system, the deepest part of the blockchain is Wang Feng. In the "3 o'clock sleepless group" initiated by Yuhong in early 2018, he proposed "Wang Feng Ten Questions" to quickly establish itself in the blockchain. Subsequently, the blockchain media Mars Finance was established. Today he is almost exclusively focused on the blockchain.

In Wang Feng’s ten questions, on March 26, 2018, he invited his old friend Jiang Tao in Jinshan. Jiang Tao himself introduced that in 2013, he began to pay attention to Bitcoin and invested in OKCoin. In August 2018, Jiang Tao became the chairman of the above-mentioned media of TokenSky, the blockchain project. TokenSky is a blockchain resource platform, and its recently created product "Upper Planet" helps mobile game immigration chain tours.

The previous day, March 25, 2018, Cheetah Mobile CEO Fu Sheng said at the Shenzhen IT Leaders Summit that there is a blockchain plan.

Fu Sheng and the older generation of Jinshan have no direct intersection of work. In 2009, Fu Sheng founded the company, and on November 11, 2010, Jinshan Security and Co., Ltd. announced in Beijing that the two companies were formally merged into Jinshan Network. Fu Sheng became the CEO of the new company. Wang Xin, the former CEO of Jinshan Security Company, became the COO. The former CTO CTO Xu Ming became the CTO of the new company. Both Qi Jun and Lei Jun are members of the board of the new company. In 2014, Jinshan Network changed its name to Cheetah Mobile.

Although Fu Sheng only said that there is a blockchain plan in March 2018, its action is very fast. Cheetah has founded SafeWallet, a blockchain wallet, a small leopard AI, a blockchain-based smart stereo, a cheetah blockchain security center, and a blockchain project security monitoring.

The most famous of the Jinshan Department is the former CEO of Jinshan Software, and now the chairman of Xiaomi Technology, Lei Jun. The exploration of Xiaomi in the blockchain is more tentative. In 2018, it launched two projects, Encrypted Rabbit and WiFi Chain, and operated under low-key. However, it is worth noting that in July this year, Xiaomi Finance issued a report on blockchain finance, "Application of blockchain technology in the financial field", and did not know what it intended.

The complete map of the Jinshan blockchain

Not only entrepreneurs who come out of Jinshan, Jinshan is now engaged in blockchain. In June last year, Kingsoft launched KBaaS (Kingsoft Blockchain as a Service) to help developers quickly build blockchain infrastructure and provide complete solutions for blockchain application development, deployment, testing and monitoring.

In September last year, Jinshan Cloud released a blockchain + game project – "Project-X". According to Jinshan Yun, “Project-X” means “the whole ecosystem of Jinshan Cloud Blockchain Game”, and “Project-X” can carry the expansion of Jinshan Games in the field of blockchain. Through the “Project-X” project, Jinshan Cloud will realize the linkage between the blockchain technology application platform and the game industry, which will help the blockchain platform to build a complete game ecosystem.

So looking back at the blockchain map of the Jinshan system, it seems that it can be developed into an organism:

Feng Xin's storm is so cool that it can provide physical hardware support for Jinshan Cloud.

Kingsoft's Project-X can provide a blockchain basic application platform for game developers, and the blockchain project does not depend on physical nodes.

And Tao Tao's TokenSky provides a variety of services for blockchain games, including finding various public chains, finding exchanges, finding game teams, finding investment services, technical security, talent recruitment and training, communication promotion, project incubation, meetings. Exhibitions and other resources and services provide traditional services, Internet and traditional industries into the blockchain world, providing support services for the chain.

Fu Sheng's SafeWallet provides a secure and reliable blockchain wallet; the Cheetah Blockchain Security Center provides security technology services for blockchain projects.

The dissemination and publicity of the blockchain project, Wang Feng’s Mars Finance and Jiang Tao’s CSDN can be realized;

Blockchain application, Lei Jun's Xiaomi technology is no exception;

Even when it comes to the exchange, the investment bank of Jiang Tao can be realized.


The blockchain map of the Jinshan system is so complete, although there is no evidence that Feng Xin, Lei Jun, Wang Feng, Jiang Tao, Fu Sheng and Jinshan headquarters have discussed, but the blockchain project between them is like a puzzle. Put together.

Nowadays, Feng Xin has an accident and does not know whether this version will continue to be complete.

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