From Internet people to blockchain entrepreneurship: 365 days for a chain farmer

Hello everyone, I am to Dan Christina.

July 12, 2018, is the date of my 2nd anniversary, and this day, I officially bid farewell to the orange factory all in to Bibox , a blockchain enterprise dedicated to becoming a "hundred-year-old shop."

It’s been a year since today, from Internet people to chain people, how did I spend half of the old leeks that stepped into the chain in 2014?

Speaking of it, it takes courage to choose a slogan industry in the eyes of everyone. In recent years, there have been many problems that have been bothering me, sometimes it is difficult to sleep at night:

  1. From the media to the company, have I reached the goal of the transformation? Is there a strong heart?
  2. What is the cognitive path of a literati from artificial intelligence to the Internet to the blockchain?
  3. Does it bring more value to the platform and users?
  4. Is there more and more impossible to break the self-comfort zone?
  5. Bring more thoughts and growth to the team and partners?
  6. From to B to to C and then to 2B2C, what are the core needs of users?
  7. What value can I create for this society and organization?

When I was looking for answers to these questions, I also realized my cognitive boundaries.

At the same time, I found that these problems are not only in me, but also in the hearts of all the dream catchers.

So I took a curious heart and went back to this circle where Zeng Yuanguan had never played, looking for more answers.


This year, I changed from a non-professional “old leeks” to a bitter “evangelist”.

I first learned that Bitcoin was at the end of 2013. At that time, my "procedural 猿" cousin bought a lot, and also helped me to blindly open the door to cognition. The first coin I know is the co-founder of OK, Thunder, who is my leader and thought mentor. In 2014, he invited me to OKCoin at the time, let me be responsible for the market work of an artificial intelligence voice project.

As an old leek, before I officially stepped back to the circle, I was just a coin, and sometimes I would study some white papers. During the period, many people once asked me, "When you enter the circle so early, what can the blockchain do in addition to the speculative currency?" "Which landing application is there?" "Why are you giving up the options of big companies back here? Because of the district Is the blockchain easier to get rich overnight?"

Fortunately, after leaving the Internet Unicorn, I stepped into the real blockchain world. This is a barbaric river and lake. What I discovered was not the rich, but the opportunities and possibilities of this technology and industry.

Blockchain technology is essentially to help solve the problem of trust, but because of the "non-humanity" of technical language and the "mystery" that has been scammed by the scam, the blockchain technology itself has not yet been made known to more people, and more Talk about trust.

So I tried to chat with many friends in the traditional industry, and used "human words" to tell them about blockchain technology as a production relationship innovation. I never persuaded them to speculate on coins, but only hoped to rename the blockchain, dispel the misunderstanding of the average person, and help more people broaden their "cognitive boundaries."

There are many people in this year, because I have a more rational understanding of this circle, they no longer blindly follow the trend, no longer arrogantly think that the chain is the land of wealth, but calm down and think independently , see some districts The logic and application possibilities of blockchain projects gain and grow in support of the development of their own optimistic projects.

I often receive some friends' research reports on a blockchain project late at night, seeing them picking up lights and reading nights, discovering good projects, and monitoring data indicators. Although they are not blockchain practitioners, their hobbies drive them to give up leisure, give up their enjoyment, choose to learn and ascend, and often think of these lovely people are particularly moved, but also motivate us to move forward more.

This year, I changed from an indifferent industry “bystander” to a positive technology “discusser”.

I believe that if I have doubted, someone must be as skeptical as I am. If I can provide more perspectives, then this matter will be valuable.

An unformed industry is like a still developing sapling. The windy hail can destroy it. The pests and diseases are easy to corrode. It wants to thrive without the help of the world and the care of the people.

I originally thought that the misunderstanding of the blockchain only existed in some people who were rigid in thinking, sticking to their own opinions and not making progress. Until one day, I saw the master of Tsinghua University, Fang Xingdong (Chinese blog godfather, Changjiang News and Communication) A circle of friends sent by the dean of the college, he commented on a commentary by Sun Yuchen, and thought that Sun’s story “is not a portrayal of the entire Chinese Internet industry for the past few years, but the more the company’s image is at the expense of the entire industry image: 'As an individual, Sun Yuchen’s actions will be speculative, arrogant, profit-seeking and unscrupulous in the Chinese blockchain circle.

Picture 1

This circle of friends is like a heavy boxing in me. I realized that it is a chaos in every industry in the early days, but in the blockchain industry it has become the only label , posted on those who are in me. I believe that the most advanced people who are advancing with the times and the most open minds. I am shocked and scared, and I am insomnia. I want to know how to let everyone know the whole picture of the blockchain? How can we keep their minds from being occupied by some noisy voices? How can we inform high-quality blockchain projects to ordinary people in an easy-to-understand way?

So I decided to start writing articles, start to voice, turn from cold-eyed to deep participation, and discuss the latest and hottest technologies with some excellent industry observers, study their application value and the driving force for the industry, in order to use this way. Let more people know the industry from a different perspective.

I still remember a friend who came to the chain after I learned that I was driving for 2 hours to find me to eat. I spent 3 hours persuading me to leave the circle and use his original words: "A famous high school graduate, what is not good. Have to do this." This made me laugh and laugh. While feeling his concern and kindness, I also felt that the misunderstanding of the industry has reached such a serious level. Although it is difficult for me to quickly understand the value of blockchain technology and projects, I will send him my new article every time and ask him for guidance. In the process, he slowly realized that blockchain technology does exist in places where existing Internet technologies can't, and has its unique value.

There are still many things like this. Fortunately, I am involved in the actual action, discussing the future with other industry participants, and trying to develop the small sapling of the blockchain in the direction of the towering tree, without choosing to do one. A bystander who "eats bloody heads."

An industry that wants to grow up must seek regulatory compliance. Many industry experts are exploring the global compliance process. I also actively participated in it, so that we chose the Swiss VQF license when we chose the global compliance license. Switzerland's regulatory policy for blockchain is both rigorous and inclusive, and is why the Facebook Calibra Association chose to have its headquarters in Switzerland.

The coin-free blockchain is a topic of great concern in China. Several major domestic companies have released their own alliance chains. We have seen the value of the alliance chain and the development of other non-coin blockchain projects. So we are in Hainan, China. Established a blockchain technology research laboratory to incubate those non-coin blockchain projects that have potential and potential to land.

Stabilizing coins has been an ongoing concern for the entire industry, from USDT to Maker Dao, to GUSD, and more recently Libra. The regulated stable currency is a major trend, and it is also a necessary factor for the traditional financial industry to enter the blockchain and promote the positive development of the blockchain industry. Therefore, we have launched the GUSD, which is regulated by the New York Financial Services Department, and respects the contribution of such projects in the development of the industry.

The position of the POS consensus mechanism in the development process of the industry has gradually become prominent. In addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, realizing value transfer and individual rights, it also has the advantage of low mining threshold and everyone can participate. It is also the topic that has been the most discussed in recent years. It is precisely because of the potential of POS, we took the lead in launching the Staking business, hoping that all enthusiasts interested in blockchain projects can easily participate in this industry and get the benefits they deserve.

There have been many things happening in this year. I feel the sharp changes in the development of the industry. If the characteristics of the Internet are to embrace change, the blockchain is standing on the threshold of change, and it is 7×24 hours. But what remains unchanged is that our group of people wants to create more value for the world, as well as the courage to constantly break through the self and constantly tear the cognitive boundaries.

Author: Dan to