The party media copyright alliance was formally established, relying on blockchain technology to build a platform for people's copyright

According to People's Daily News, at the National Party News website summit forum, the party media copyright alliance was formally established at the meeting. Dong Mengjun, Executive Director of People's Daily Online Data Center and Executive General Manager of People's Online, introduced the relevant situation of the People's Copyright Platform. According to reports, "people's copyright" relies on blockchain technology to create a chain of copyright alliances. The People's Copyright Alliance Chain will introduce core nodes such as national regulatory agencies, authoritative media organizations, publishing groups, copyright centers, arbitration institutions, notary agencies, and Internet courts to open up the entire chain of copyright protection. The platform will rely on the blockchain technology to improve the integrity and unchangeability of the data after the uplink, greatly reduce the evidence forensics and preservation costs in the judicial process, and quickly realize the online process of copyright authentication, evidence collection, rights protection, and litigation. “People's Copyright” uses the blockchain distributed ledger and smart contract features to generate a copyright confirmation tracking link to realize real-time sharing of multi-party information.