The two defendants in the Indian Bitcoin fraud case have not appeared in court for 9 months. The court issued a subpoena asking the relevant staff to explain the reasons.

According to Indian Express, the trial of the Bitcoin multi-level pyramid scheme fraud has not yet begun since the two defendants have not appeared in court for nine months. The Chandigarh District Court of India has summoned the staff to the Chandigarh police to issue a subpoena on the grounds that they did not return the production warrants of the two defendants. The summons was issued by the Chief Justice Abhishek Phutela. “The production search warrants of the accused Pankaj Adlakh and Vivek Bhardwaj were not returned. The notice for the responsible subpoena staff Chandigarh will be issued on August 1st to explain the reasons for not returning the defendant’s search warrant. The new production search warrant will be issued again on August 1." On May 10, the court also issued a notice to the Central Warden of New Delhi to ask him to appear in court to explain the reasons for not giving up the two defendants. However, on May 24, the central prison official explained to the court that the defendant had been transferred to Pune prison. It is reported that there are 6 defendants in this case, including Amit Bharadwaj, Vivek Bhardwaj, Pankaj Adhlakh, Hemant Bope, Sanchit Alagh and Rajesh Kumar Bardia.