Liu Weiguang, Vice President of Ant Financial Services: The ability to digitally and efficiently link and superimpose financial services in business processes is the future of blockchain changes to commercial infrastructure.

Babbitt News, Liu Weiguang, vice president of Ant Financial Services, said in an interview with Babbitt recently that compared with last year, the blockchain industry is more rational, and more amateur chain companies enter the market. In addition to ants, many companies like Tencent, JD, and Ping An are doing commercial exploration and practice of blockchain. Everyone collects firewood with high flames. Although there is competition to a certain extent, everyone is exploring the application of the scene, so that the blockchain can be truly combined with the core scene of the user to solve the trust and connection problems between enterprises. If we still stay in the illusory concept and theoretical innovation, or that the existing blockchain gradually declines in business or data after supporting the business and data running, this is not the real core of the blockchain. value. The enterprise truly turns the past business process from a fragmented and complex connection or an inefficient + part of the link invisible + line down to the main transaction process into a truly digital efficient connection, while at the end of the chain Kilometers superimpose financial services capabilities, which is where the blockchain's future changes to commercial infrastructure. More content: