Alipay announced the complete elimination of the "radish chapter" with the blockchain, and the "double chain link" was fully upgraded and opened.

Babbitt News, July 30, Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Services, announced that the supply chain collaboration network based on blockchain technology – the ant blockchain "Double Chain Link" has been fully upgraded and opened. This service uses blockchain technology to completely eliminate the "radish chapter, fake contract" problem in the supply chain finance field, which allows small and micro businesses to enjoy efficient and convenient financial services. At present, this model has been the first to run in Chengdu. Chengdu Bainaohui “Guanyong Specialty Store” with a registered capital of only 30 yuan, together with the upstream enterprise Zhongke Daqi, completed the first single financing on the ant double-chain connection, and provided them with guarantees for Chengdu SME Finance Guarantee Co., Ltd. . The ant blockchain thus completes the full link coverage of the blockchain technology in the supply chain financial model. After the uplink, the entire financing process is clearly marked and cannot be tampered with, and the chain eliminates risks such as capital misappropriation. With the dual-link, the financing model of supply chain finance will be greatly activated, and the credit availability and financing coverage will be greatly improved. There are 275 registered guarantee institutions across the country, which are expected to cover more than 10 million small and micro businesses. According to iResearch's "Blockchain + Supply Chain Financial Industry Research Report", by 2023, the blockchain will increase the penetration rate of the supply chain financial market by 28.3%, which will bring about an increase of 3.6 trillion market size.