Analysis shows that the wavefield DApp tronbank has been attacked by counterfeit currency and will face a higher-intensity attack in the future.

According to Beosin (Chengdu Chain Security) monitoring, the wave field DApp tronbank was attacked by counterfeit currency at 1 am on April 11th. It was analyzed by Chengdu Chain Security Technical Team: The main reason is that the contract does not strictly verify the unique identifier of the token. Id, the wrong value of the attacker's own issued valueless tokens is identified as a BTT token worth 850,000 yuan, resulting in losses. Recently, the attack test frequency for the wave field project party began to rise and has caused actual losses. The hacker team may turn the attack focus to the wave field in the future. The DApp market in the wave field public chain is highly prosperous but has never been high in the eos public chain level. Intensive attack, the attacker currently mainly migrates the mature attack methods on other public links to the wave field and conducts extensive attack tests to find contracts with weak security protection. After this stage, the attacker may further deepen the wave field. Mechanisms that may themselves be exploited for higher intensity and threatening attacks.