Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Service: What Libra is going to do, we started experimenting very early.

Babbitt News, July 30, Ant Financial Service "Double Chain Link" media meeting will be held in Beijing, ant Jinfu vice president, director of the Dharma Institute of Financial Technology, Jiang Guofei, "Technology Pratt & Whitney, blockchain + supply The new model of chain finance shared the title. He laughed that he was the "most burned" person of ants, and built a financial-grade platform for the research and development of core technologies. During the sharing of Jiang Guofei, the golden sentence continued:
1. The consumer Internet is targeted at people, and in the broader value Internet, objects will be targeted;
2. The ant blockchain has landed more than 40 scenes, and the longer the process, the more suitable it is for the blockchain;
3. What Libra is going to do, we have been trying very early to replicate China’s success to the world under regulatory preconditions;
4. Upgrade “310” to “Double Chain Link”. The value of the blockchain is to reorganize production relationships in a collaborative network, increasing efficiency at an unprecedented rate.