Analysis: Bitcoin has repeatedly broken records in the second quarter of this year, and the network has never seen an unprecedented health status.

Bitcoin created many records in the second quarter, reaching prices not seen in the past 12 months. The stable performance of the Bitcoin network blockchain also reflects the same health. At the end of May, the difficulty of bitcoin mining increased by more than 11%, marking the highest level in the history of the network. Bitcoin computing power also grew steadily in the second quarter. In June, Bitcoin's network health continued to show hope. On June 19th, bitcoin computing power reached a record high. It is estimated that Bitcoin will set another record when it is difficult to adjust next time. The cryptocurrency market cannot keep up with the pace of Bitcoin Q2. And JP Morgan Chase said that the rise of Q2 has pushed its price out of "inner value." There are also reports that Facebook's Libra is related to the rise in bitcoin prices.