MixMarvel (Star Travel) Shanghai's first high-end blockchain industry party landed on August 2nd, Huangpu River Shipyard 1862

At 19:00 on the evening of August 2, MixMarvel, the global distribution platform for blockchain games, will host a high-end industry party at the 1862 Theater in Shanghai Shipyard. Together with Contentos, Cocos BCX and NEO (small ants), the theme night of the launch party will be opened. MixMarvel Star Trek, a number of heavyweight partners will also be on hand to support. It is understood that MixMarvel will release important technologies and share the essence of the industry at this party, introducing the wide application scenarios and honorable rights of Rocket Protocol (RP) technology and platform certification MIX. MixMarvel said that upgrading to version 2.0 of RP technology will enable large-scale application chaining perpendicular to the blockchain gaming industry, greatly reducing the time for developers to connect with the public chain and helping developers to dock the public chain. At the same time, based on the decentralization of RP 2.0 technology, the true random number in the innovation chain further ensures the security of the technology. MixMarvel revealed that the current global layout is rapidly advancing, and the future Mix ecosystem will radiate global gamers and bring them a new chain tour experience.