Japan’s New Economic Union makes a request to the Japanese Finance Minister for blockchain application and cryptocurrency tax system

According to Coinpost, the representative of the board of directors of Rakuten President San Miguel's Japan New Economy Alliance proposed a new request for crypto assets to the Japanese Finance Minister, including the application of the blockchain and the new bill and tax system on crypto assets. Requests for the application of the blockchain: 1. The government should consider applying blockchains in various administrative areas; 2. Public and private committees should be established to share the latest trends in Japan and abroad, and to identify blockchains in government/local government/private use cases And social implementation issues; 3. Consider the legal and regulatory approaches applicable to societies that use blockchain, give the support needed to create a private enterprise, and establish cross-sectoral functions. Requests for the cryptocurrency tax system: 1. Change from comprehensive taxation to reporting taxation; 2. Transaction between cryptocurrencies is not taxed; 3. Carry-over deduction for cryptocurrency transaction losses.