Data Analysis: Bitfinex hearing will have less impact on BTC, BTC will maintain high speed

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 17:00 on July 30, the BTC price is $9,478.82, the market value is $169,352.58M, and the 24H BTC trading volume of the mainstream exchange is about $652.25M, which is 17.80% lower than yesterday. The BTC speed is maintained at a high speed. The number of active addresses showed a certain upward trend; the proportion of BTC market value remained stable, currently about 64.54%; the correlation between BTC and other mainstream currencies kept a downward trend; the open interest of BTC futures rebounded. UTC On July 29th, the cryptocurrency market was sluggish. Overall, prices fell slightly and volume continued to decline. Although the Tether incident has no ruling, it does not have much impact on BTC and USDT at present. The New York State Attorney General's Office will focus on Bitfinex's continued service to New York customers. It will take time to consider how Tether will evolve.