Bytom Tech Angel joins the Bystack Ecology than the original technology community

Recently, Bytom Tech Angel officially announced its participation in the election than the original Bystack consensus node. More than 3 million BTM votes have been awarded.

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The community than the original chain technology is a promotion that spreads more than the original technology, assists with community developers, and helps the community to develop organizations based on the original chain. In order to reflect the purpose of sharing and building a win-win situation, the 313 node specially provided a 1 million vote for the community technical team that made outstanding contributions to the original chain ecology. Only then, the Bytom Tech Angel node was established to participate in the Bystack consensus node campaign. The purpose of the campaign is also to support the Bystack project and attract more votes from the technical community.

As a blockchain-based BaaS platform based on the original chain, Bystack can quickly create, manage and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. The technical community will work closely with Bystack to build and build a safe, efficient and transparent blockchain infrastructure to help the safe and healthy development of the Bystack blockchain ecosystem.

The person in charge of the node also revealed that the benefits of the future technology community in the node will be given to the community developers, such as setting up some excellent language bonuses than the original development, to encourage developers to do better than the original chain. Ecological development. At the same time, a portion of the proceeds will be used to recruit Bystack's tool developers and promotion volunteers to help better promote and promote the implementation of blockchain commercial applications than the original chain and Bystack.

It has been learned from the technical community that since the main online line of Bystack on July 20th, it has been running smoothly for 10 days. At present, a total of 42 teams are participating in the consensus node election, and the early bird voting has exceeded 100 million BTM. Early voting will be closed on August 1 and settled. According to the official plan, in the first year, the original chain foundation will provide 10 million BTM incentives, and ordinary users can participate in the construction of the Bystack ecological and get Staking incentives by voting on the nodes. More than the original technology community will call the community to provide technical support for developers and nodes. Attract more developers to participate in, rooted in the original ecology, and build a better than the original ecology.

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