Martian Xu Zijing: Non-compliance is the basis for the existence of stable coins; the stable currency going to the center will surely win in the future.

On July 30, Martian Xu Zijing said on his Weibo: 1. Many people regard compliance as the key to the success of the stable currency. But in fact, non-compliance is the basis for the existence of stable coins: the most compliant Libra is dead, followed by the compliant GUSD, and the unqualified USDT has gained the market's greatest recognition. On the other hand, the history of BitGold and Liberty Reverve is vivid, and the risk of non-compliance is huge. Paypal finally becomes a channel business, and the road to compliance is very helpless. 2. Bitcoin is currently unable to carry the functions of daily transfer payment and stored value due to its high volatility. The market has a huge demand for stable coins based on blockchain technology, but USDT is far from the final answer. From the products existing in the market, the most promising is the DAI issued by MakerDAO. The amount of ETHs that exceed the pledge has repeatedly exceeded the previous value, and its liquidity and acceptance are also increasing. In the future, the stable currency of the center will be victory.