Micro-fiction | 2019 no new exchange, only the middleman who makes the difference

When the East Third Ring Road no longer had a "public relations lady" article, Mary just talked to a project party about the currency strategy.

"Try not to be killed by the new wave."

Mary took a 30-second glance at the article and attached a forwarder. The new wave industry she is involved in is the blockchain and is currently running an exchange.

Before the new wave of the blockchain, Mary almost was shot in the advertising industry by the wave of "effects" and "new media". The Internet newcomers who have invested a lot of money believe that the headline does not believe in the blue label. For Mary, who joined the graduation soon, the direct response was the company's sluggishness, and the upside was squeezed very seriously.

In 2017, 1co added her to the first leverage of life, but not by Stud, but by the diligence of the advertiser.

At first, when she understood 1co, Mary didn't dare to put in the money. At that time, her advertising company could not get the final payment of LeTV, and the white papers of those projects were not as good as the PPT she gave to Jia in accounting.

But Mary, who was eager to get rid of the "Beijing folding" did not miss it, and Mary's ability to "paint PPT" was immediately revealed. At first she gave some free-funded projects on her own trumpet, from 4A. The company's solid foundation slammed the inferior white paper, so a bunch of projects to find them, coupled with the previous media planning capabilities, Mary got a lot of free chips.

In the first half of the 18th year, Mary realized the thrill of the "public relations lady" in the East Third Ring Road.

The good days are always very fast, the new "Mary" has entered the market. In the past, the N Agency's smashing of a project started in the new industry, and the digital currency market began to decline rapidly. The external quotes have not changed at the digital currency level, but the "half of the market" of the French currency has made Mary start to be a bit unbearable.

In order to expand his business bandwidth, Mary recruited his own team and spent a lot of time and money to get through the relationship with the major platforms. When the market is good, these costs can be quickly cleared, and in the second half of 18 years, her team began to squat in the subsistence line.

However, smart Mary can always find her own way, or she is born to be the one who sells shovel to the gold digger.

At the beginning of the 18th year, many found Mary's air. In the second half of the 18th year, I started to find Mary's resources for the exchange. The abundance of a lot of air was no longer believed. They needed to quickly recharge the French currency.

But the mainstream trading platform has closed the door to these airs, and the small platforms are struggling in trading mining.

So Mary began to figure out what he was doing on the exchange. In Mary's eyes, the exchange was the new agency, and in the charging model, to some extent, there was no middleman to make a difference.

However, the exchange does have certain product and technology thresholds. Originally Mary used the public version that most small exchanges are using, and the price is quite suitable, but I heard that the loopholes are cool, so Mary began to hesitate or not. Then raise the cost a bit and find the team to develop it yourself.

Mary kept her good luck. At a meeting, she met a brother who was also working on the exchange. The brother’s product was developed by himself, so he consulted a few words. I didn’t expect my brother to have Resisting Mary's proposal to buy his own code, he also suggested that Mary could go to find a reliable wallet engineer.

Then Mary's exchange was successfully launched a month later. The air coins that came into contact with the first half of the year began to line up, and Mary also had a relationship with the main currency team of the main platform. You can directly introduce the air currency. Allow them to be important intermediaries.

Time came to the spring of 2019, the market began to pick up, IEO and funding disk became popular, and the altcoin that the people missed came back in another way.

Mary spent the winter quietly, but did not seize the opportunity of these two springs. After rethinking, Mary thought that he was selling shovel and selling habits. In 17 years, he sold the traffic to the project and in 18 years provided the trading venue for the project.

In the 19 years, Bitcoin rose alone, and the altcoin coins were all squatting. The project said that it needed a "up" project. Mary began to sigh that this project was not working, and actually started the project.

But Mary is very professional. Since the market needs the agency to operate on its own, then the trade, you want to open three times, it is impossible to double.

Sometimes when I stop, Mary will think, how to sell the shovel more and more tired, I am also a trading platform.

Of course, she also knows that the trading platform is just a psychological hint of comfort. After all, the people need the altcoin , and the altcoin needs her agency.

Do you ask bitcoin?

When Mary's product users need it, Mary will be unemployed in the future.

This story is purely fictitious. If you crashed with any of Mary, it was an accident.


Source: Orange Book

Author: air damper air damper A.