Xiaoyan follow-up: CZ, Nathan Kaiser, ten "big coffee" in the same box, market, trading, technology, all the nets

The Asian Block Summit was held in Taipei on July 2nd and 3rd. The summit focused on “blockchain business”, “decentralized future”, “deep technology”, “ecosystem” and “government+”. The topic of “regulation” has been actively discussed.

Under the conference, the big coffee company accepted the interview with Xiaoyun in the ChatNode live room. In the unpredictable blockchain industry, how do they view this industry?

ChainNode lived inviting Zhao Changpeng from Chanan, Nathan Kaiser from Cardano, Michael Gu from YouTube, Gate.io CMO Marie & CPO, Joyso Chen Dingyuan, Ledger Benjamin, CoolWallet David, founder and CEO of the event Xie Yaohui, BitAsset Wang Qingjin , CBX Vanessa Cao and other dozens of industry big coffee, the same box to discuss the hot topic of the current currency. What do you think of the downturn? How to break the new exchange? How does the old exchange protect its moat? Is the decentralized exchange supplemented or subverted? How to filter cold wallet? Is the traditional Internet enterprise chain reform a right way or a detour? Hot projects are plummeting on the line, can hardcore technology save prices? Let's find out!

0:00~06:28 Essence short video version

The main feature film can choose to watch it~

06:28-12:30 coin An Zhao Changpeng

12:30-18:50 Cardano Nathan Kaiser

18:51-28:30 Boxmining Michael Gu

28:32-39:12 Gate.io CMO Marie&CPO

39:13-45:14 Joyso Chen Dingyuan

45:15-51:40 Ledger Benjamin

51:41-54:41 CoolWallet David

54:42-01:16:16 Founder and CEO of the event line Xie Yaohui

01:16:16-01:22:11 BitAsset Wang Qingjin

01:22:11-01:37:04 CBX Vanessa Cao

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