Everbright Securities Peng Wensheng: Libra may develop into currency more easily than traditional tokens

According to WeChat public number@China foreign exchange news, recently, Peng Wensheng, deputy dean of Everbright Group Research Institute and global chief economist of Everbright Securities, said that Libra may develop currency more easily than traditional tokens, but two There is no fundamental difference in cross-border payments. Therefore, Libra will inevitably be used in areas that are unpleasant and even disgusting, such as money laundering, terrorist financing and other fields. This requires the regulatory layer to plan ahead and establish a regulatory system and a specific regulatory system. The network nature of digital currency makes it easy to cross national borders, and if regulation is to be effective, it requires a coordinated approach on a global scale. However, from the current point of view, due to the different progress of research on digital currency in various countries, the regulatory concept is not completely consistent. It is necessary to strengthen communication and regulatory coordination, including promoting the joint establishment of international rules on digital currency regulation, such as digital currency exchanges and electronics. Wallet applications, etc.; moderately extend the interpretation of existing laws and regulations, such as the application of tax laws.