Wang Yongli: Libra seems to get rid of the shadow of the token that is just some kind of legal currency.

According to WeChat public number@China foreign exchange news, Wang Yongli, former deputy governor of Bank of China and chief economist of Haiwang Group, said that bitcoin and other network encryption coins, without legal protection of wealth as direct support, prices fluctuate, it is difficult to become real Currency. Linked to a single legal currency equivalent (such as USDT), or linked to a basket of legal currency (such as Libra), with real assets as a reserve, the formation of a network stable currency, which is fundamentally different from Bitcoin, but is actually legal tender. It is impossible to replace the legal currency as a super-sovereign world currency. Libra is linked to a basket of French currency, and seems to have got rid of the shadow of a token that is only a certain currency. It seems to have become a world currency that transcends national sovereignty. Plus, this is the world’s largest social platform, Facebook, which is driven by 2.7 billion. Users will naturally become Libra users. This has triggered a lot of people's great interest and expectation as a super-sovereign world currency.