Labor Acquisition XGAME in The Wild Universe

As a true certificate of land-based applications, XGAME has recently been infinitely beautiful, with a 20% increase within a week. Perhaps it is less noticeable than “100-dollar” and “thousands of coins”, but its rise is notable. According to its application scene, "The Wild Universe" is a survival blockchain game. Compared with the traditional game, the player's investment in the game will get a corresponding return, because the pass replaces the position of the game gold coin, and the pass is valuable. For example, the player "Cuihua" can sell his own wood at the consignment bank, and the gold coins obtained are the pass, and the real virtual labor creates value. Compared to the current blockchain game, the wild universe is a real game, whether it is a beautiful picture, a fun game, or an upgraded game mechanism, it is easier to develop than the current market. Class or mining games are much more playable and have a large audience of fans. Today we will learn how to get XGAME in the wild universe.


Sale of goods

In the wild universe, users are mainly engaged in collecting work, including cutting trees, picking plants, digging different grades of ore to kill different levels of monsters, obtaining raw materials, and then using materials to synthesize semi-finished products or forging tools, cooking food, and building equipment. Excess items are sold when they meet their own needs. It is worth mentioning that all the materials belong to the player himself. The official does not sell the props. The materials obtained are freely priced by the player, and the pass obtained by the seller belongs to the player. If Xiaoming cuts 100 pieces of wood, he can open the consignment bank, select the quantity of items to be sold, and enter the price of a single item. If the player purchases it, the sale will succeed.


Purchase pass

There is also a purchase pass option in the consignment bank. Users can purchase XGAME directly with Star Diamond (1CNY=10 star diamond), choose the consignment pass option, click on the quantity and price of the pass to be purchased, and purchase. . This part of XGAME is also sold by the player.


Platform task

Lucky big turntable has a pass. There is a candy house in the wild universe APP. The user can click to enter and start to turn the turntable. It can be turned up to twice a day, and there is a great chance of obtaining the pass.


Red packets get XGAME. Send a XGAME red envelope to the new user. The user must open the registration and both parties must obtain XGAME.


Improve the XGAME of information. Users can complete the registration of information in the wild universe and get XGAME.


OTC trading. The Wild Universe APP has an OTC platform, and users can click on the OTC to buy and sell XGAME.


If you want to experience the value of XGAME, you can immediately join the wild universe, receive free bonuses such as miners and rushing packages, earn XGAME while experiencing survival games, and share win-win with us.

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