The key to the blockchain game outbreak? FairyLand: There is no shortage of traffic, low threshold, and community.

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Ethereum founder V God once predicted that “ finance and games are the two areas in which the blockchain is the easiest to land first ”. So, what kind of surprises does “blockchain+game” bring to us?

On July 27th, the vernacular blockchain (ID: hellobtc) interviewed Fairy Land consultant, CEO Jim , and discussed in depth the topics related to blockchain games.


The following is the interview content:

01 blockchain entrepreneurship

Vernacular blockchain : Jim, you are the chief technology officer of the former LayaBox and the chief technical officer of Aplix China. You should have said that you have achieved great results in your personal career exploration. What kind of power is driving you to join the area? What about the blockchain industry?

FairyLand Consultant : In fact, if it is a simple blockchain venture, it may not be very powerful for me. For me, including other senior developers of the team, I have experienced various fields of Chinese games, such as stand-alone games, online games, end games, mobile games, page games, and then mobile games. 3 game engines, then to our FairyLand. Along the way, they are all about games and around the game.

The blockchain game is a nascent product, a game plus economic system, plus a new species of the community. For the game, the past has been changing the content of the game, but the production link and the consumption link have not changed. This is the production relationship. Now blockchain plus games, change production relations, the imagination of the boundaries of this application scene is one of the most important reasons to attract us into this field.

For now, one is to take into account our own advantages, another consideration is what the entire blockchain industry needs most. Our own advantages have accumulated a lot in the traditional industry, so what is the most needed for the blockchain? I think the most needed blockchain is traffic. Therefore, according to this direction, we are also constantly adjusting the entrance to our own entrance, hoping to turn our resource accumulation into traffic and become a truly product and platform.

02 The key to “blockchain+game”

Vernacular blockchain: In 2018, the founder of Ethereum V God mentioned in the interview that the financial industry and the game industry were the first two industries to apply blockchain technology. Blockchain + finance can see good news, but blockchain + games, whether in the quality of the game, or the number of players, it seems that there is no large-scale breakthrough. What do you think is the most critical part of this?

FairyLand Consultant : I think the most critical part is two points. The first point is how the ecology is built. The second point is how to introduce the traffic to C. These two problems are not solved in a day or two.

Let's talk about the whole ecosystem. We are the bottom-level game engine provider. From our perspective, we lack a large number of developers in the blockchain game field, lack a lot of works, and have no revenue. This is a loop. Without a revenue, there will be no developers. Without a developer, there will be no traffic to the C-side. Therefore, this link must be attended by the lowest-level supporters to solve the ecological problem. This ecology is not built up in two days, it may take several years, and it takes day-to-day engine development and development of the underlying technology to support it.

In addition, many of the current block games have actually moved away from the fun of the game itself. For the To C-side traffic, how to attract traffic and attract players to the blockchain can not only experience the entertainment of the game, but also have a positive and positive economic system to support, and have community Guide, let the player decide which direction to go in many directions; how to develop the creativity of all producers and the creativity of the players, and let their creativity breed new works in this platform, breaking through the imagination, this is Very critical.

03 Introduction of Laya.FairyLand

Vernacular blockchain : Laya.FairyLand To create the world's first "cross-chain" UGC gaming cloud platform, can you give us a brief introduction?

FairyLand Consultant : Laya.FairyLand is actually a separate technology chain block project from LayaBox, independent of LayaBox. LayaBox will strongly support Laya.FairyLand from a technical level, a developer level, or at the level of ecology, traffic, and work.

Laya.FairyLand is a traffic pool and traffic platform that targets the blockchain domain to C. It is based on UGC (User-generated Content) and wants to create a platform for anyone to create online games without programming. Moreover, the producers of this game also enjoy their own unique copyright, can get the relevant incentives, including their own fission, the fission around this game product. Therefore, the Laya.FairyLand platform has changed the traditional identity of the producers, and all the games born on this platform are not imaginable.

Vernacular blockchain: UGC may solve the problem of brain holes, providing diverse content and ideas, but it is relatively difficult to produce products with deep or high professionalism. The game is a highly commercial thing, like inspiration or brain hole does not occupy a very important role in it, it may require some deep or addictive design to make players very attractive. From the evolution path of Internet or mobile Internet products, almost all UGC products have been or are evolving to PGC products. I would like to ask, what do you think about this problem?

FairyLand Consultant : UGC refers to User-generated Content, which creates content by users, such as fast hands and vibrato. Each user can produce their own content and perform user fission and promotion based on their own content. PGC refers to Professionally-generated Content. Need a professional team to make.

Going back to Laya.FairyLand, the traffic platform needs UGC, so how to solve the deep problem?

In fact, on the technical level, the core problem that Laya.FairyLand has to solve is how to make games without programming, and secondly how to make in-depth games.

This is also a problem that we are constantly solving. From the current point of view, we can still make very deep games, but the depth inside should be gradually expanded. In Laya.FairyLand, every player is not only a consumer who plays games, their identity is changing, and the game itself has already brought fission incentives and dividends. This is a new form of game. Above the game content, some time ago, a developer made a small game on our platform. The game advertisement was 10,000 US dollars per day, earning 13,000 yuan.

Vernacular blockchain : We saw on the official website that Laya.FairyLand proposed to support the "all" blockchain public chain with smart contracts, which is also the main feature. What role does the cross-chain play in the blockchain game?

FairyLand Consultant : We cut into the blockchain field. The first step is not to build a public chain or cross-chain underlying protocol, but to create the top-level entertainment-based blockchain traffic, the normal to C-end traffic. Therefore, our cross-chain technology means that all public passes can be circulated and traded in our traffic pool. Cross-chain here refers to supporting and docking multiple public chains, not completing the cross-chain between the underlying layers.

After the release of Laya.FairyLand, we will connect a lot of famous public chains, so that players of these public chains can create, consume, entertain and so on. In the future of our entire roadmap, the first entry point is our Laya.FairyLand to C. When all the transactions, activity, and users on Laya.FairyLand reach a level, we will launch our own public chain called Fairy. Chain, from the bottom of the business level to support transactions, circulation and so on.

Vernacular blockchain: Can you tell us what the team is doing at this stage? What are the big moves next?

FairyLand Consultant : Our Laya.FairyLand Standard Edition is in a state of confidential development and will be released in August. This version is an invitation system. The blockchain version we hope to complete within three months.

04 Developer and user threshold issues

Vernacular blockchain : We learned that Laya.FairyLand also has a very eye-catching resource, that is, there are more than 500,000 game developers. Most of them may be Internet game developers. How can these developers have the ability and willingness to quickly pan and directly develop blockchain games?

FairyLand Consultant : More than 52% of the games in Baidu are made with the Laya engine. They are always a big fan of the Laya engine and the most solid force in our community. Through Laya, including these engines on the UGC platform, they can make games quickly and even at very low cost. If the game is made at a very low cost, they will slowly accept the platform and become part of us.

A good way to get a UGC platform is its cross-platform approach. The games you make through the UGC platform can be published as WeChat games and QQ games in one click. You can run them on the traditional Internet platform, and you can also publish them as blockchain games, namely Laya.FairyLand. game. These games don't require you to make any adaptations. You can publish them directly. All the code is developed only one set, then multi-platform development, and each channel gets its own revenue.

Therefore, this part of the developer will be very easy to translate into the blockchain, but also need a process, because the ecology is a slow process. In the UGC platform, we hope that 3 million ordinary users will submit their works, which is our real goal.

Vernacular blockchain: Nowadays, many blockchain games are quite high for ordinary players. What methods does Laya.FairyLand use to lower this threshold?

FairyLand Consultant : If regular users are exposed to blockchain games, more than 95% will be lost at the first threshold, such as the wallet threshold. In traditional games, consumption can be completed by electronic payment in an instant, but the blockchain has to be confirmed through layers of network. These problems are gradually solved in Laya.FairyLand.

Initially, we will ensure decentralized transactions in the product, as well as ensuring the smoothness and uninterrupted payment. Therefore, we have a setting in it, which is to introduce some of the services of centralized finance. For example, if we have a part of the virtual certificate, then we may take out a small part of the certificate and put it in the centralized system. Ensure that players spend directly every time they consume. It is very important that the game experience is not interrupted in seconds. Therefore, at the product level, we will work with some intermediary financial service organizations to ensure safety and speed.

To understand the blockchain, the most important thing is to understand the incentive system and understand the circulation. Before we introduce new user traffic, we will not emphasize this thing. Instead, let him play the game first. After playing the game, he will gradually understand the community and understand the card. Silent process. We want to introduce real game users, so we say that games are fundamental. We will not force it to say that this is a blockchain game, that is a traditional game, we will not do this, we are a pro-inductive guide.

Speculation attribute of 05 blockchain game

Vernacular blockchain: At present, many users think that most of the blockchain games are now running for money. There are not many game attributes, and the speculative attributes are more obvious. Some people say that in future blockchain games, users may not need to know whether they are playing blockchain games. Blockchain may be just an alternative technology for game developers. What do you think of this?

FairyLand Consultant : Is the game of speculative attributes a game? Frankly speaking, I don't think this is a game, and the users that are brought are not real game users. Blockchain games will definitely move towards community development, and the economic system plus game attributes is the real blockchain game. Only in this way will the real game users be pulled or introduced into this field.

What are we going to do? Use our products, use our core products, and use our core resources to bring real new users into this field and become a new user group, rather than holding money users to use it to generate interest, etc. .

06 blockchain game development stage

Vernacular blockchain: If you compare the development of the blockchain game with the mobile game industry, what kind of development stage do you think the current blockchain game is about?

FairyLand Consultant : Can't be said to be very early, I think it looks more like 2005 and 2006, when there was a Nokia phone. But since Android, Apple, all the game industry has changed, who can get on the bus, then who will have a place in this field.

Vernacular blockchain: In fact, no matter what period of time, only fun games can be remembered, and have a longer life. From what point of view, what kind of game is a good game?

FairyLand Consultant : If you are a good game from the perspective of doing business, but from the ecological aspect of the game itself, if you want to have vitality, you should combine the thinking of the community with the economy of the community. In the traditional field, a good game is like "My World", which can play everyone's imagination without restriction and form a new community and new content.

In the area of ​​blockchain, the core of good games is community, community-based economy, community-based thinking, including the implantation of economic systems. Therefore, I personally hope that every user on UGC can use his imagination to publish his own works to the world and show them to the world.

Which of the traditional games do you most want to be the first to have a blockchain version? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.


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