Report: Bitcoin still completely suppresses BCH and BSV

Coinmetrics compared Bitcoin with bitcoin forks BCH and BSV and found that although BCH and BSV are cheaper and more flexible, none of Bitcoin has a high popularity and adoption rate, and Bitcoin is more commonly used. Trading means. In addition, Bitcoin's realized market capital is close to $100 billion, while the realized market capitalization of BCH and BSV is less than $10 billion and $1 billion, respectively. Therefore, BTC is ten times larger than BCH and one hundred times larger than BSV. As of today, the average transaction fee for both types of forked coins is zero US dollars. BTC's fees fell to $0.03 at the beginning of the year, but have remained between $1 and $3 in the past few months. Still, the low cost doesn't help much. On the contrary, almost zero costs have a negative impact, because when the block rewards fall, it will bring less rewards to the miners. In short, BCH and BSV are currently unable to compete with BTC.