Global contract market transactions, large singles, air force, dominant disk rebound

According to the statistics of the large orders of the contracted global market futures contracts, as of 09:01 on July 31, Beijing time, the total amount of global contract market transactions in the 24 hours totaled 28.95 million US dollars, and the large amount was more than 12.29 million US dollars. A single $ 16.66 million. Among them, the OKEx exchange had a large amount of BTC in the quarter and a single order of 2.317 million US dollars, and an empty order of 1.268 million US dollars. The large amount of BTC on the BitMEX exchange was more than $6.18 million, and the short position was 8.79 million US dollars. The Huobi exchange sold more than 3.8 million US dollars and 660 million US dollars. Analysts believe that the current disk has just experienced a wave of bottoming out, but in combination with the disk and multi-air force transactions, the rebound does not have a strong degree, and the low bottoming pattern will continue.