Report: Bitcoin trust fund trading volume in June grayed out, CME futures positions decreased sharply

According to The Daily Hodl, CryptoCompare today released its June 20th "Exchange Review" report, the main points are as follows: 1. Of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, only two are "trustworthy" (based on The CryptoCompare exchange benchmark receives an AA-B rating). Coin's total transaction volume of US$42.1 billion (up 12.7% from May) ranked first in the currency trading list. This was followed by ZB and CoinBene, which were $39.3 billion (up 8.4%) and $38 billion (up 3.9%); eight of the 2.10 currency exchanges were “trustworthy”. Bithumb ranked first with a total transaction volume of $13.9 billion in June and a 37% decline since May. Following Bithumb, Coinbase and P2PB2B were $12.7 billion (up 17.4%) and $11.9 billion (down 22.9%); 3. Gray Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) grew significantly; 4. CME Futures from May's $11.3 billion fell to $7.9 billion in June; 5. Tether (USDT) still dominates stable currency trading. In June, BTC's trading volume to USDT accounted for 69.4% of total trading volume, and in May it was 76.2%. .