Mining machine dealers go to the US road: Jia Nan Zhi Zhi tends to the New York Stock Exchange, Bitland favors Nasdaq

On July 31, according to the IPO, I heard that the news has been submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC secretly.

Domestic mining machine companies have seen new progress in listing in the United States. On July 31, according to the IPO, I heard that the news has been submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC secretly. Jia Nan Zhi Zhi is the world's second largest mining machine manufacturer. Founder Zhang Nanyi developed the world's first bitcoin mining machine, Avalon, in 2013.

People close to Jianan Zhizhi told Tencent News that "the first line", as early as the end of 2018, after Jianan Zhizhi sprinted the IPO of Hong Kong stocks, it turned its focus to the US stock market. Compared with the HKEx, the SEC of the US Securities and Exchange Commission is relatively tolerant of cryptocurrency and mining operations, and has no biased regulatory requirements. However, in order to be on the safe side, Jia Nan’s visit to the United States from the start to the communication, and then to the current secret application, are a small team to do, relatively low-key.

Tencent News "First Line" was exclusively informed that if it passed the SEC review, Jianan Zhizhi will choose NYSE as the listing place. According to sources, according to Jia Nan’s previous communication with the SEC, this review will not cause much problems.

This also means that the miners who had been rejected by the Hong Kong stock exchange for "market accessibility" have opened up gaps in the US stock market, or will bring demonstration effects. Tencent’s “First Line” was exclusively informed that Bitian, which was later launched by Jia Nan’s Zhimei to the US, is currently communicating with the SEC, but unlike Jianan’s wisdom, Bitian’s more popular listing is Nasdaq. Gram.

In early July, Bitland has completed a new round of option incentives. A bit of mainland China revealed to Tencent’s “First Line” that in the last round of Bitcoland’s sprinting of Hong Kong’s IPO, the company’s equity was owned by the company’s early employees, but after experiencing the turmoil at the end of the year and early this year, there were quite a few The backbone members to the option have already left the company. Therefore, this option incentive plan is included in a wider scope, in order to stabilize the new team after suffering a huge impact last year, and do business at the time of the bull market. It is reported that after the cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin entered the bull market again in 2019, Bitcoin has already filled in the losses caused by the bear market last year in the main business such as mines, mining machines and mining pools.

Author: Liu Peng

Editor in charge: Li Pingping

Source: Tencent News