South Korea's MangoBerry announced its participation in the Wanchain Galaxy Consensus Node Program, which will jointly develop the Korean market.


On July 29, 2019, South Korea's blockchain company MangoBerry (망고베리) and Wanchain officially reached a strategic plan for node planning. Based on the Wanchain PoS galaxy consensus mechanism, MangoBerry will provide Korean investors with slogan (Staking) services.

At the same time, Wanchain and MangoBerry will give full play to their respective advantages and jointly establish long-term and multi-faceted cooperation in the construction of PoS nodes and the development of the Korean market. As one of the most active regions in the global cryptocurrency market, Korea's unique market environment attracts the attention of many blockchain project teams and investment institutions around the world. In addition to Staking's cooperation, MangoBerry will help Wanchain develop the Korean community, enrich the Korean text of Wanchain products, and attract other Korean project teams to join the Wanchain Ecology. At the same time, Wanchain, with its rich global resources, will provide support for MangoBerry to expand beyond Korea.

About MangoBerry

MangoBerry is a blockchain business consulting firm based in Seoul, South Korea. Focusing on the Korean market, MangoBerry provides customers with a variety of professional services related to the blockchain industry, such as marketing, business development, investment consulting, technology development, etc., and promotes innovation in various business cooperation models. In addition, MangoBerry helps the project operators of the node to open the Korean market and bring staking benefits to ordinary users who participate in the node investment. For more information on MangoBerry, please visit

About Wanchain

Wanchain is an asset cross-chain + privacy protection + smart contract. The three characteristics create a cross-chain digital asset infrastructure platform to de-centralize the connection and value exchange of different blockchain networks, allowing any individual and organization to be based on Wanchain. Create a decentralized app. As the first cross-chain between Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20, Wanwei Chain is fully promoting the development of a fully decentralized PoS consensus mechanism. On March 31, North America officially released the Yellow Book of Galaxy Consensus Technology. The test plan has been fully launched, and the galaxy consensus will be officially launched on the main network in the third quarter of 2019. At the same time, Wanwei Chain teamed up with Telefónica and RIVETZ, Europe's largest mobile operators, to provide blockchain-based mobile security solutions. According to the plan, Wanchain will gradually realize the cross-chain connection with the main public chain and alliance chain of the industry. Wanchain adopts a global ecological operation and currently has offices in Beijing, China, Austin, USA and London, UK.