The bitcoin community has a big brain, only because the smallest unit Satoshi needs a symbol.

The Bitcoin community is trying to do it by hand.

The smallest unit of bitcoin, satoshi, is named after its inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto. Beginning in March of this year, community members discussed what symbols Cong should use on Reddit, and gave many suggestions. Now, this issue has once again caught the attention of the community.


Square co-founder and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey forwarded a tweet from Lightning Labs operations director Desiree Dickerson, publicly collecting the symbol of Cong. As expected, various suggestions came to the fore. But the problem is that the best option has not yet been found.

One of the suggestions is to superimpose S on the letter N, which has to be said to be a bit sloppy:


Another idea is to use two not so different symbols to represent BTC and Cong: ฿ and ₿. If someone slips, it is a tragedy.

Another suggestion is this:


See how you can win.

On Twitter, some netizens recommend using Japanese to represent Cong, and others put a sword on the letter S.


The Buttcoin section on Reddit spoofed the whole incident. The netizen recommended the word SFYL, which means "sorry for your loss". This word is used to describe someone who lost a scam, Ponzi scheme or BitMEX. A lot of bitcoin.

One of the most common designs is the "S" in the picture below. It seems that all children will learn to draw such S in school, but no one knows when it started. It still doesn't look too good.


Ken Shirriff, who successfully added ₿ to Unicode, strongly recommends that communities choose existing symbols. He said: "Although it is interesting to create a new character for Cong, it is basically not available and will cause problems." He gave some examples on Twitter.


Others suggest using lightning directly to represent Cong – the lightning network is also a bitcoin expansion solution. However, some people ruthlessly punctuated, which is the same symbol used by the Nazi SS in Germany.

In fact, the only popular design is "Sat" – a combination of the @ symbol and the letter S. It is like this:


This logo even has its own Github page, and its creators have been promoting this design for more than a year.

But unfortunately, netizens don't buy it. One user said, "There is no intention to offend, but the logo is really ugly." Some people simply said "Oh."

Many loyal bitcoiners say that finding a new symbol is futile. In fact, many people suggest that once Bitcoin becomes the global dominant currency, they can use the dollar sign directly. In any case, the search for symbols that represent Cong continues.

Interestingly, the Bitcoin community came along when choosing the BTC symbol. The original design of bitcoin "B" began with "BC" on a gold coin. The final design is an italic white letter B on an orange background, plus two lines running through B – this was posted by a user in the BitcoinTalk forum post in November 2010, and ta only sent this on this forum. A post, and no one knows who ta is. There was no progress after the posting of this post, apparently not popular at the time.

The website criticized that this is just a logo, not a symbol. Therefore, it is more suitable for a company than a decentralized currency. It pointed out that BTC did not have a proprietary symbol at the time – although it was later introduced into Unicode and various platforms. Instead, the suggested symbol for the site is this: "Ƀ".

So the logo of Cong will be more beautiful and more practical, or is it just a cheesy display?