The mining circle group went to the US to go public, and the mining machinery company came after the mine.

Chain Finance has learned that Maoqi Technology is currently planning to list overseas and the target listing is Nasdaq.

Recently, mining companies that failed to list in Hong Kong stocks went to the United States one after another and actively communicated with the SEC of the US Securities and Exchange Commission to seek opportunities for US stock listing. According to , the financial news of the chain, in addition to mining companies to go public in the United States, the main mine business of the hair ball technology is currently seeking US stocks.

According to several media reports, since the end of 2018, the mining machine manufacturer Jia Nan Zhizhi failed to seek listing of Hong Kong stocks, and recently began to seek US stock listing. According to the IPO, the company has secretly submitted the listing application to the SEC of the US Securities Regulatory Commission. According to Tencent News "First Line" report, Jia Nan Zhizhi will choose the New York Stock Exchange as a listing place, and from the previous communication situation between Jia Nan Zhi Zhi and SEC, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi passed the review "will not have too Big problem."

Bitcoin, which had previously failed to list Hong Kong stocks, is currently communicating with the SEC to discuss listings, while Bitco's target listing is Nasdaq.

On July 31, the chain was informed that the blockchain computing service provider Maoqi Technology is currently planning to list overseas. The chain has been exclusively informed that Maoqiu Technology will seek listing on NASDAQ. In this regard, Mao Ming Technology founder and chairman Wang Mingwei told the chain financial, Maoqiu Technology does have a plan to list overseas, the current listing is still in the initial planning stage.

At present, there is no news to disclose which part of the main business of Maoqi Technology is listed, and how its listing plan is progressing. Wang Mingxi also did not reply to this.

It is understood that Maoqi Technology was established in February 2018 as a technology company providing basic infrastructure services for blockchain, and is committed to providing computing power to global blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other enterprises. Technical and infrastructure construction services.

Although Maoqiu Technology also launched its own research and development of the mining machine "hairball H8", but the chain of finance knows that for more than a year of development, Maoqi Technology's current main business is still the computing server hosting business, namely mine Field business. An industry insider confirmed that Mao's main business is the mine business.

According to the public information, Maoqi Technology has built 9 computing service centers in Shihezi, Sichuan, Ganzi, Xichang and Ya'an in Xinjiang. According to the official news of Maoqiu Technology, its mining machine hosting service ranks in the top three.

However, as the wet season will end in October, the price of electricity will rise, and the BTC will be halved at the end of the year, the mine revenue will be affected, and whether this factor will affect the listing plan of Maoqi is still unknown. .

The company found that the founder and chairman of Maoqi Technology is Wang Minghao, and the registered entity of Maoqiu Technology is Sichuan Maoqiu Data Technology Group Co., Ltd., headquartered in Chengdu, and the legal representative is Wu Yi.

In September 2018, Maoqiu Technology announced that A-round financing of 10 million US dollars was led by Tongfang Housheng Capital and Chuangshi Capital. After that, Wang Mingxi said in an interview with the media that his A round of financing was completed in August 2018. The amount is 10 million US dollars. The financing is the only public financing information of Maoqiu. According to the company's investigation, Sichuan Maoqiu Data Technology Group Co., Ltd. is still in the A round of financing.

Source: Financial Network · Chain Finance

Author: Wu Yingjun