A UGC+ climbing tower chain tour that tries to "go to the blockchain"

Guide: One of the best landing scenes for the blockchain is the game, which is an important track in the Dapp field. However, the chain tour has a high threshold, and the self-contained property of "no one to play" makes this track increasingly deserted, leaving only developers and a small number of stock users to sneak out. How to break the circle and harvest incremental users is the survival issue that every chain travel developer must face. DappReview recently noticed that a chain tour called "RealmX" was launched low-key. We went to the official website of the game and found that there were neither hot pre-sale transcripts nor blockchain science for Xiaobai. After DR friends spent six or seven hours exploring this game, we interviewed the masters of RealmX to bring this Raiders + interview.

"You don't know what the blockchain is when you play our game."

"In our DApp, the portion of 'D' does not exceed 5%."

"In terms of user experience, we are a very central game."


The above remarks are all from Alex, the blockchain game "RealmX".

This is the first time that DR partners have heard a blockchain game with a "deblocking chain" as a selling point.

All along, DR partners have insisted on the view that the essence of chain travel is "tour" . Some chain travel teams use the "chain" as a selling point and the "chain" as a bargaining chip with investors. They may forget that the blockchain is in or out. They must make a game .

And the standard for judging a good game is good and not fun. Who knows the final? Of course it is the player. "RealmX" is well versed in this way. In the first half of this year, everyone is swaying back and forth between the "blockchain revolution" and the "blockchain scam". They have conducted 4 rounds of internal testing, covering more than 3,000 test users, including Some are traditional players, and people who know bitcoin are rare.

The DR partner is not touting how high-quality games RealmX is. In fact, from the feedback of the beta players, the game still has a lot of room for improvement. It is worthy of recognition that RealmX has made a positive attempt to win the traditional game user base.

After four rounds of internal testing, "RealmX" harvested hundreds of diehard players, and a bloody ashes player even entered the game team internship. "The update iteration of the game has absorbed a lot of suggestions from the players. "RealmX" is not a team, but a player," said team leader Alex.


RealmX is a high-degree-of-freedom UGC+ climbing tower casual game that runs on the BCH blockchain. The player plays a human being transmitted back to the primitive society by the time machine. Through the constant adventures in different worlds, it will collect materials, upgrade props, enhance productivity, and experience the evolution of human society from barbarism to civilization. The game includes the following core gameplay:


Players must rely on going out to fight to obtain resources. The game's currently open first world includes four types of battle maps: plain, forest, desert, and ocean. According to different map types, different types of ground, flight, mineral, aquatic, etc. will appear randomly. enemy.

In the combat system, both sides of the battle have multiple combat skills such as combo, defense, poisoning, bleeding, and treatment. The player needs to adjust the combat strategy according to the enemy's fighting intentions and win the victory.

There is restraint between the props and the enemy, such as playing the plant monster with a sickle, hitting the bird with a slingshot, and smashing the mineral monster with a hammer. Therefore, according to the type of enemy equipment, the props can make the brush work more efficient .

The energy value of each outgoing combat character is certain, and the exhaustion of energy will force the exit of the battle.

2. Resource collection

There are three main ways to collect resources:

One is to brush the map, players can get the production materials, blank blueprints, seeds, animals and other loot after each battle.

The second is to cultivate, the seeds obtained in the battle can be brought back to the farm for sowing, the animals can be put into the pasture culture, and the mature resources can be obtained.

The third is system rewards, and the system regularly awards rewards to support the player's adventure.

3. Blueprint production and article synthesis

This part is the core of the game, allowing players to freely create items. If the item is very good, there is a chance to vote for the "explosion" in the world . The specific process is as follows:

The battle process will have a certain chance (very low) to drop the blank blueprint, put the blank blueprint into the blueprint drawing table, and put in three materials (repeatable) to create a new blueprint for the item.

The following figure is an example. The blueprint of the blank blueprint + yellow feather x2+ purple feather = DR scarf, the headscarf attribute has +1 defense, +3 life, +8 energy.

The randomness of blueprint production is extremely high. Even the same formula will generate different blueprints . For example, the same three wood formulas may combine five types of equipment such as weapons, tops, pants, hats and accessories, even if they are synthesized. The same type of equipment will also have a numerical difference. There are 20+ kinds of resources in the current game world. In theory, 5*20*20*20=40,000+ blueprints can be theoretically produced without considering numerical differences. Future games also support blueprint production on the basis of synthetic products. The freedom of creation is full.

After the blueprint formula is completed, it needs to go through the voting system to be used by other players. The supporters need to buy diamonds to vote for the blueprint formula. The blueprint formula with 1000 diamonds will become the public blueprint in the game, and the supporters will get the synthetic items. Income dividends.

It should be noted that the number of times a composite blueprint is used to synthesize an item is limited to 100 times, which means that each composite item in the game is limited to 100 pieces. Players who come late can only get it by renting or purchasing. Diamonds consumed by synthetic items will be returned to the author and investor of the item.

4. Accumulate productivity and open up a new world

Productivity is the most important yardstick of the world process in RealmX. Every adventure and production of the player will increase the productivity of the world. When the world productivity reaches a certain value, it will automatically start a new one. A round of voting, content that meets the voting needs can enter the game.

Like "My World", RealmX players have a lot of game goals. The bloody players aim to defeat all the enemies in the world as an RPG. Those who are keen on investing can choose a good blueprint to invest or Monopoly of resources, expecting huge gains in the future; players with a sense of mission to continue to improve the world's productivity, to open up new worlds and to develop content for the new world as their responsibility.

"RealmX" test

As mentioned above, "RealmX" conducted a total of 4 rounds of internal testing. The first and second rounds of internal testing mainly focused on the feasibility of the Dapp circle users. The third and fourth internal tests mostly faced non-Dapp circles. College student users. Since the project side conducts internal testing with a formal operation attitude, the blueprint produced in the internal test will remain officially online.

In the third and fourth internal tests, the internal test players performed well. Many players seldom sleep in a few days, and they used a total of 20 resources to synthesize 90 kinds of equipment items. The figure below shows the blueprint of the item with the combined quantity Top 15.

They have already begun to enjoy the dividends of other players' synthetic expenses, and they can also enjoy continuous income after the official opening service.

The official organization of the player tribal productivity rankings, fishing a bunch of "Heart Emperor" players.

The internal test of RealmX is completely in accordance with the standards of traditional games in the eyes of the partner Miss Mumu. After a round of internal testing, the game has absorbed many players' suggestions and became the official appearance of the game. For example, the game interface has changed from a horizontal version to a vertical version, the combat system has changed from a dice to a physical attack, and the farm and PvP gameplay have been added.

The process of growing this game with the player is actually the process of integrating RealmX into deep users and building the community. Many internal test players are transformed into loyal fans of the game in the process, which naturally becomes a new user of the blockchain. "RealmX" through the rapid iterative test from the feasibility analysis, functional testing, gameplay improvement, building community in one go, it is worth learning from other projects.

Upcoming World of Tinker

World of Tinkers, as its name implies, is the general term for creative players and the tools necessary to support players' output. It is an integral part of RealmX. World of Tinkers currently plans to provide three modules to support the collaboration of players, produce content, and publish it to the RealmX game.

It includes the following three tools:

1. Collaboration Tools – RX-Lab

Positioning: tools for interaction within the community and collaboration between players

Ensuring smooth communication between creators, players, and investors, and inspiring creativity in the community. After determining the intention of multi-person collaboration, the temporary team will create a development project and submit all necessary content of the agreement to the chain for the follow-up cooperation and distribution.

2 Development Tools – RX Editor

Positioning: Lightweight development tools for game planning, art and feature development

Provide players with a graphical (GUI) interactive interface-based development tool, and enough adjustable space for players to fully creative.

3 Publishing Tools – RX-Launch

Targeting: Connector for creative content and games

Let the massive content created by the players pass the test and feedback of the members of the World of Tinkers community before all the players, to ensure the quality of the content, and at the same time, through the consensus mechanism of the voting decision, the new content will get enough player support and value bearing before entering the game. .

Through World of Tinker, RealmX connects the in-game investors, ordinary players and content authors to form a virtuous circle of UGC+ content consumption, which allows the player's creativity to be fully utilized and can be created using blockchain technology. Value does not violate.


DR: Please tell us about the game team.

Alex: We have a team of more than a dozen people, mostly from the game industry. Our entire team has been running for five or six years. Before that, we have cooperated with traditional games such as casual, card and competitive.

DR: Please talk about the expected goals of RealmX.

Alex: We will gradually promote it in August. Our short-term goal is to cover 1 million registered users before the end of 19, and our target users are outside users. All of our current promotion paths and user acquisition paths are done according to Internet projects. In the long run, we will continue to explore the possibility of cross-chaining, and we hope to make a cross-chain system in the future.

DR: What is the difference between blockchain games and traditional games in operational thinking?

Alex: First of all, I think developers should give up the illusion that you have a very strong control over the game. After three months, I think that we should have almost zero control over the content of the props in the game. Second, the value of the seed user is infinitely magnified, and the seed users of the blockchain game will have more emotional and attention than the seed users of the traditional game.

DR: What is the difference between the game experience of sheet metal players and civilian players?

Alex: There will be some differences in the basic game experience, but we will try to keep it within an acceptable range. Players must have an advantage. However, in terms of the decision-making power of the new content of the game, the difference will be very large. The voting decision is similar to the pos mechanism. The basic principle is money talk. Whoever has money has the final say. It is well understood that after all , the players of the sheet metal spend money to create new content, and they bear the financial risk.

DR: How do civilian players make money in the game?

Alex: They can use ideas to make money. Players only need to pay a small amount of money, and even a few dollars can generate their own props content. After the other players voted, the item will appear in the game, and the realization will be realized. As long as other players are willing to spend money to synthesize this item, each creator can get a share. In addition, the number of times a prop is synthesized in the game is limited, and each token has only 100, which means that the player can also profit by monopolizing key resources.

DR: Why can I only synthesize 100 items for each item?

Alex: Our understanding of props includes three dimensions:

The first is the right to use the props. When one item is synthesized 100 times, other users can only use it through leasing;

The second is the ownership of the props. Players purchasing 1 prop is equivalent to having 1% ownership of this track;

The third is the ownership of the drawings, similar to the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors. When the goods have not entered the market, the investors obtain the ownership of the drawings through investment.

In summary, the investor obtains the ownership of the drawing, 100 players obtain the ownership of the item by synthesis, and the remaining players obtain the temporary use right of the item through the lease.

DR: How do you view the development of the current blockchain game industry?

Alex: We are very optimistic about the development of the chain tour, but many chain travel teams are too focused on the blockchain. The blockchain is, in my opinion, just a technology, and it is more important to make the idea of ​​the blockchain than to express it at the technical level. The current blockchain bottom layer is not as perfect. The efficiency is not that high. Many teams are subject to technology and the gameplay is not as attractive. Our goal is very simple. We don't consider the limitations that blockchain brings to us. We can't do things that are centralized first. I think that with this kind of thinking, blockchain games can produce more and more content. .

DR: What is the data for the two days of service?

Alex: There are nearly 800 players. Our seed users are of high quality and have a very high retention rate of 83.52% the next day . 12.89% of players learned to use BCH to pay . An interesting piece of data is that three pieces of equipment have been monopolized, and the latter development should be more and more interesting.