Bitpoint Taiwan CEO will discuss compensation with Bitpoint Japan tomorrow due to the involvement of the parent company system.

Bitpoint Taiwan CEO Guo Yaning said on July 31st that Bitpoint Japan was stolen on the 12th of this month: "If you can't guarantee the compensation, you will immediately file a lawsuit." Bitpoint Taiwan has stopped on July 23 due to theft. The time for the service to be reopened is not yet fixed, and the user's funds cannot be taken out. Guo Yaning plans to meet with the president of Bitpoint Japan, Oda Nobunaga, on August 1 to claim compensation. Guo Yaning said: "The claim for compensation is not the stolen part of Bitpoint Japan. Instead, it compensates Taiwan for the cryptocurrency worth 600 million Taiwan dollars and the legal currency of 150 million US dollars." Bitpoint totaled about 302,000 yen of cryptocurrency on the 12th of this month. In addition, Bitpoint Taiwan, as an overseas subsidiary using the company's system, confirmed that it was stolen by 250 million yen. According to relevant sources, Bitpoint Japan and Bitpoint Taiwan use the same system. Bitpoint Taiwan was stolen at the end of April. At that time, Japan was asked to improve the system, and the system has not been improved. Bitpoint started operations in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Panama and Thailand. President Oda’s Xuan Ji did not say at the briefing on the 16th of the previous 16th. According to Guo Yaning, the majority of stolen overseas are Bitpoint Hong Kong and Taiwan. station.