The data shows that there were 15 security incidents in July and various security incidents in the DeFi field.

According to PeckShield Situational Awareness Platform data, in the past month, there have been 15 typical security incidents in the entire blockchain ecosystem, involving exchange attacks, exchange fraud runs, DeFi contract vulnerabilities, DApp transaction rollback attacks, etc. In all aspects, within the scope of statistics, the total loss is nearly 400 million yuan. Overall: 1.TRON DApp Ecology has a total of 6 security incidents, a total loss of 648,439 TRX, most of which originated from the transaction rollback attack implemented by the hacker deployment contract; 2. Decentralized exchange 0x protocol existence check The order signing vulnerability may have a joint effect on some exchanges and wallets based on the 0x agreement. Fortunately, the repair is timely and does not cause actual losses. 3. PeckShield monitors USDT, ETH, ETC, etc. in the TokenStore wealth management wall with a value of US$13 million. Some of the assets have all flowed into the exchange. PeckShield believes that the security issues exposed by the 0x protocol and Edgeware reveal that the DeFi field closer to the asset is likely to be the next security incident area after the exchange and DApp ecosystem.