Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Chen Wen: Libra has little room for development as a payment settlement tool in China

According to the Beijing News, on July 31, Chen Wen, deputy director of the Center for Inclusive Finance and Intelligent Finance at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview that Libra is directly involved in the personal and corporate sectors and has a relatively large cross-border payment settlement. Advantage. The convenience of mobile payment in the United States is far less than that of China. When Alipay and WeChat payment have been very convenient, Libra has little room for development as a payment settlement tool in China. He also pointed out that Internet giants like this, Tencent and Ali also have a large number of users. If these global Internet giants issue their own virtual digital currency, they will replace the application of legal currency. For example, Ali issued a digital currency, which will definitely give priority to users of Taobao and Alipay. This means that if there is no restriction on the encrypted digital currency of the giant hair, it is possible to form a situation in which mainstream countries, relatively stable legal currency and such encrypted digital currency coexist. In some countries with particularly high inflation, the people are reluctant to go to the currency, but because the exchange of dollars is regulated, it is possible to use an encrypted digital currency like Libra. If the local government does not have good control, there may be a currency that will be shocked.