Interesting step: You can make money by walking, and who is earning money?

There are very few sweets to get on the walk. There are only two ways to get candy in large quantities and at low prices: investing and pulling people.

“Tokens issued by blockchain technology are transparent, but it is difficult to find interesting steps. If they distribute candy at will, the outside world cannot know.”

"The poor have poor people's play, the rich have rich people's play. The rich people directly benefit from the investment, the poor can also make money by promoting and building the team." A fun step recommender told the Southern Weekend reporter.

"There must be an example of making money. You tell others how good this thing is, but you don't have one yourself. How do you believe it? First of all, you have to buy it yourself, so that is convincing." At a small internal sharing session recently. Chen Peng warned everyone.

What he called "good things" is an app called "Fun Step". The slogan is "Let the sweat not flow". It is said to be able to get "candy" when walking. The candy is equivalent to a virtual currency called GHT. . The price of GHT is now around RMB 22 and can be bought and sold like Bitcoin.

In fact, there are very few sweets to get on the walk. There are only two ways to get candy in large quantities and at low prices: investing and pulling people.

Chen Peng is a veteran player of Fun Step. He claims to have millions of candy and a team of more than 50,000 people. In his view, to become a "fun friend", the door to wealth freedom will open, and the candy that can be invested and pulled can bring huge wealth. When it comes to excitement, he will fall into a beautiful dream – in the near future, he will spend the days in the sea view villa.

According to industry and commerce information, Hunan Funbu Network Co., Ltd. was established in June 2018, when the currency circle entered the early stage of the bear market. In just one year, the app has gathered tens of millions of users.

The data of Huawei App Store is 13.05 million installations. The Apple App Store shows 24,000 ratings, and it once reached the top of the App Store. At present, the application treasure has been taken off the shelf and can not find relevant information.

At the same time, on the social platforms such as Post Bar, QQ Group, Weibo, Vibrato, Quick Hands, etc., there is also a lot of promotional information for interesting steps.

For example, in the vibrato, you can often see a group of people holding a mobile phone while running and shouting "fun steps, let the sweat not flow", and some people in the supermarket, the square, the public security bureau at the door to spread. In their opinion, the app allows them to make money and urge them to exercise.

On the other hand, the interest step has been questioned. There are constant media complaints that it is a Ponzi scheme. It is suspected of pyramid schemes and illegal fund-raising. The rumors that the company wants to run are also flowing out from time to time.


Is the point or digital currency?

You can make money by walking. This is the place where the fun step attracts Li Jianyong. However, for a long time, he did not understand, walking this day, doing things every day, in the end is how to hook up with making money.

Li Jianyong is a young man in a county town in Jilin Province. One day in May 2019, he saw someone promoting the fun step in the square of the county. Those who wear the yellow work clothes with the interesting step marks, the most sipping is: Come and pay attention This amazing app can make a lot of money by walking.

On the same day, Li Jianyong registered as a member and became a newcomer to the fun step. He can get 0.32 candy in just 4000 steps per day and 15 candy in 45 days.

According to the current price, the price of a candy is about 22 yuan, and 15 is about 330 yuan. And he doesn't need to invest in himself, just walk.

The Fun Step App has experienced two iterations. Currently, Candy cannot be traded on the App. The candy produced every day is put into a "wallet", which is like a digital wallet, consisting of a long string of letters and numbers. If you want to trade the transaction, you need to operate on a website with the URL

This is a clever design. According to the "User Agreement", candy is just a reward for the platform. It does not have a circulation attribute, and it is not an encrypted digital currency. This effectively circumvents the use of blockchain and virtual currency by relevant departments since 2017. The attack on illegal fund-raising.

Interesting steps stipulate that a candy is equivalent to a digital currency called GHT, which can be traded and speculated.

It is worth noting that GHT can only be traded on the website, and this website can only trade GHT.

According to the website, GHT was launched by a club called Global Health Blockchain, which was founded in April 2017 by Malcom Jefferson in Silicon Valley. The Jefferson is the director of venture capital at an investment firm on Wall Street. However, Southern Weekend reporters did not find relevant English information about the club and its founders.

Southern Weekend reporters were unable to retrieve GHT information on well-known exchanges such as Firecoin, OKCoin, and Coin. At the same time, Coinmarketcap does not include this currency. Coinmarketcap is an internationally renowned integrated platform for digital and monetary information. It currently contains 2,213 encrypted digital currencies worldwide.

A veteran senior player told the Southern Weekend reporter that in fact, a few months ago, the candy trade was not so troublesome. There is a “exchange center” on the Fun Step app, where users can trade candy directly at the exchange center.

The player said that in March 2019, the fun channel would close the "exchange center." This once caused the player's panic, worried that their candy could not be cashed, and the fun group began to spread the news that the fun step was going to run. Candy will not be able to circulate until the GHT exchange is online.

However, for Li Jianyong, this 330 yuan is not good. Due to the low level, according to the regulations, for every sale of candy, you need to pay a 50% fee. At the same time, once sold out, you will no longer be able to hold candy and completely "get off the bus."

This is very different from the common digital currency trading market. The major domestic exchanges at home and abroad only charge a handling fee of 0.2%.

The high commission of the fun step makes players unwilling to trade easily. They are more willing to leave the GHT and increase their level, thus reducing transaction costs.

Interesting step is never a one-person game. It uses the "invitation system". Only the old user's invitation code can be used to register successfully. At the same time, new users are often pulled by the old users to the team's WeChat and QQ groups. In these groups, there will be a variety of good information about fun steps, candy, and GHT.

"They all said that GHT will rise, and now they are reluctant to sell." Li Jianyong told the Southern Weekend reporter, "If one day GHT rises to 1,000 yuan, then it will not only earn more."


Interesting step is a math problem

The candy that is obtained by walking every day is extremely limited. The most direct way to get more candy and more income is to “invest in the task”, which is the main reason why the fun step attracts players to invest heavily.

In the fun step, “doing a task” has a elegant name called “reel”, which is a common decoration method in Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Fun Steps divides the task into three levels: Trial Reel, Primary Reel, Intermediate Reel, Advanced Reel, Super Reel, Advanced Reel, Elite Reel, and Expert Reel. The trial reel is the task of novices to make candy, no need to invest money, other reels need to invest hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars, and also take steps from 3300 to 3800 every day.

Each reel has a 45-day cycle and you can get extra rewards as long as you complete the mission. For example, the advanced scroll, you need to buy 500 candy, after 45 days of mission, 500 candy will become 612 candy.

If the price of a candy is 22 yuan, to complete an advanced reel, you need to invest 11,000 yuan. If the price of the coin is still around 22 yuan after 45 days, you can earn about 2,500 yuan, so the return on investment is not low. . But if the price of the currency falls, the player will lose more than it gains.

In addition to directly receiving candy rewards, the task scroll can also receive activity rewards, and the activity reward for each task scroll is one tenth of the candy purchased. For example, the Advanced Reel needs to purchase 500 candy, in addition to 612 candy, you can get 50 active.

According to the fun guide's novice guide, the higher the activity, the more candy rewards you get every day. That is to say, if you buy an advanced reel, you can earn another part of the money in addition to earning 2,500 yuan.

"I can't sleep at night, I will count, how to buy reels, how to increase the activity is more cost-effective?" Li Jianyong told the Southern Weekend reporter that this calculation will make him very excited, this is not a simple math problem, it is very complicated But who can answer this math problem, who can earn more on the fun step.

"For example, if you want to invest 100,000, how many high-end reels to buy, and how many intermediate reels to buy, in order to maximize profits, you need to calculate them carefully." Li Jianyong said.

According to the rules of the fun step, each player can invest in the corresponding reel according to his or her own wishes. If you just want to get more income, you can go directly to buy a high-level reel and buy more than one at a time.

In this case of high return on investment, walking has become a kind of display. On the post bar, Weibo, and vibrato, you can often see the video of tying the mobile phone to the rope. The purpose of this is to In order to complete the requirements of more than 3,000 steps every day, they are no longer focused on exercise, but on investment returns.

It is worth noting that the GHT trading website stated that the total amount of GHT is 1 billion, and will not be issued at will. This seems to be a fun digital player to ensure the scarcity of GHT and candy, "like a bitcoin to become a rare digital currency."

However, with the increase in the number of fun players, the more you buy more candy, how to ensure that GHT's constant 1 billion circulation has become a mystery.

“This is also the essential difference between the fun and blockchain technology.” Li Liang is a senior player in digital currency. He analyzed the Southern Weekend reporter. “Tokens issued by blockchain technology are transparent. However, it is difficult to find interesting steps. If they distribute candy at will, the outside world cannot know."

Li Liang began to study the interest step from the end of 2018. He finally came to the conclusion that the fun step is just a coat of blockchain, not a real blockchain company.


Crazy pulling head

"You really can't wipe the next one, just spend two thousand dollars, find someone to help you push it." In a fun gathering with a Southern Weekend reporter, a veteran player warned the novice, she had spent money herself. I’m hiring people, and now there are hundreds of people, and the two thousand dollars that I invested in have already returned.

In the market, there are many projects that claim to have a high return on investment, but few of them can accumulate tens of millions of downloads in a year.

The fun step can develop so rapidly, and it has a direct relationship with its huge push army. These ground pushes are called "recommendations." In Post Bar, Weibo, QQ Group, WeChat Group, Vibrate, Fast, there are a lot of "Fun Steps Recommenders" and their invitation codes.

"You got off the bus early, you can't blame others. When the old irons of the fun step live in the villa, after you drive on the Mercedes, you will know that you regret it." This is what the recommenders often say. They often use the cases of Tmall, Jingdong, and a lot of people to motivate themselves. They feel that these platforms have been questioned in the early years, but in the end, they will succeed, and the interest will also be successful in questioning.

According to the design of the fun step, in addition to direct investment, pulling the human head is also an important way to make money.

By pulling the head and team, you can get the activity. The fun activity is divided into basic activity and bonus activity. The basic activity is obtained by the investment task reel, and the bonus activity is obtained by promotion. By pushing a member directly, you can get a commission of 5% of the member's basic activity. If you build a team, you can also get the benefits of the team's total activity.

"The poor have poor people's play, the rich have rich people's play. The rich people directly benefit from the investment, the poor can also make money by promoting and building the team." A fun step recommender told the Southern Weekend reporter.

These referees are very happy to share their daily candy benefits to the outside world. For example, a referee who claims to have a team of more than 1,000 people shows the mobile phone screencast of the Southern Weekend reporter. His daily candy reward is 115, if it is exchanged for RMB That is 2530 yuan, with a monthly income of 76,000 yuan.

Another mobile phone screen shot provided by a referee is more exaggerated. The daily candy reward is 1,250, which is equivalent to 27,500 yuan.

These screenshots can't verify the authenticity, but these screenshots can give the novice an impression: the fun step can make a lot of money.

In addition to keeping their own contact information and displaying their wealth on the network platform, they will also be online and live in more lively places, pulling banners, making booths, and a passerby and a passerby to recommend. Some will also wear uniform clothing groups to run, walk, and do billboards for walking.

In addition, there are some offline hotels, shops, supermarkets also claim to be connected with the fun step, fun friends can use candy in the store, and there are discounts. Some bosses will also slogan for registered discounted members to enjoy discounts.

The videos and pictures retrieved by Southern Weekend reporters show that among these docking stores, there are many offline stores of well-known Internet companies such as Jingdong and Tour.

Some so-called dockings are just posing at the door and there is no real docking. For example, a video shows that the fun step is docked with Xianning Greenland Holdings, and the house can be bought with candy, but the video shows only the photos taken before the real estate in the green space.

There is also a video on Weibo. The fun step is connected with the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Hotel. The fun step members can enjoy a 88% discount. However, the front desk of the hotel told the Southern Weekend reporter that she did not know that there was such an agreement and could not offer a discount of 88%.

In fact, it is not realistic to pay with candy, because the fun candy does not have the peer-to-peer trading function, and can only be exchanged for RMB at the GHT exchange, and the price is not stable.

Most of the interesting step players that Southern Weekend reporters have contacted have been engaged in direct sales and micro-business, and some have invested in projects that have been characterized as pyramid schemes. Most of them have rich experience and mature teams. However, like many direct sales and micro-businesses, these people are distributed throughout the country and are self-contained.


Trader league

Chen Peng has also done direct sales and has his own team. At that sharing meeting, he claimed that there were some projects to find him before the fun step, and he hoped to cooperate together, but he was rejected by him.

He doesn't understand the blockchain, just knowing that this is the hottest technology of the moment. He is willing to do fun, one of the main reasons is that the fun step is "very safe" and subtly avoids the risk.

At the sharing meeting, some players raised concerns in this regard, worrying that they are investing in a pyramid scheme or illegal fund-raising project. Chen Peng's explanation is that the income obtained by pulling the head and team is only candy. According to the official explanation of the fun step, the candy is not liquid, but the platform reward.

"GHT recognizes candy and is willing to replace it with candy. This is their business, and it is not an interesting step." Chen Peng said.

Chen Peng also has a set of rhetoric about the question of illegal fund-raising. He said that users buy candy not from the company, but from the user, the company does not directly participate in the transaction, the company earns only the transaction fee.

However, there are still members who questioned. They think that the users who sell candy may be the big players of the fun step. They may manipulate the price of the coin and set the priority to sell the candy in their hands through the website. Because according to the rules, the more people in the team, the more candy they have, and they are more motivated to sell the candy.

A veteran fun player revealed to the Southern Weekend reporter that in fact, within the fun step, there are multiple levels of community, and several communities in the head have the right to interpret the interesting step mode. After the incident, some "authoritative" explanations will be conveyed to the player's mobile phone step by step through these communities.

"For example, when the exchange center was closed in March, many players thought that the company was going to finish, and we had to run. At this time, we threw out the strategy of docking with the Silicon Valley blockchain project, which perfectly reversed the situation." Quite proud to say.

Funstep Network started in Changsha and was established in Changsha Economic Development Zone in June 2018. However, on July 14, 2019, the company announced the relocation announcement, saying that the company moved into Chongqing Laoshan District, transformed into Chongqing Funbu Network Technology Co., Ltd., and announced the company's registered address, but what is wrong is They refused to announce the company's specific office address on the grounds of renovation.

The legal representative of Chongqing Funbu Network is Ye Zhuang, and shareholders Zheng Yang and Ye Zhuang hold 60% and 40% respectively. The interesting step players who came across the Southern Weekend reporters said that they had never seen Zheng Yang. The boss they looked for was Ye Zhuang.

In the player, there is also a saying about Ye Zhuang: Ye Zhuang himself is relatively fat. He has been a doctor before. He has been paying attention to the health field and he likes sports. Once he was riding in Tibet and chatting with others about blockchain technology. The idea of ​​blockchain + healthy entrepreneurship has emerged, and I hope that more people will spend more time exercising with the technology of blockchain.

However, according to the Southern Weekend reporter's investigation, this statement is not true.

According to industry and commerce data, Ye Zhuang opened a steel shop in Gaowu Village, Chijiang Town, Dayu County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province in June 2008 to sell steel products. Since then, he has also opened food companies, fresh food stores, bicycle dealers, etc. in Changsha. He has not retrieved his work in a doctor or other health field.

A person who cooperated with Ye Zhuang described to the Southern Weekend reporter that Ye Zhuang was around 30 years old. In 2012, he rented a facade to drive a bicycle in the Yuhua District of Changsha. However, the operation was not good. It was not long before it was closed. Finally, the rent was also Unable to pay, can only be mortgaged by bicycle.

According to the "Xiaoxiang Morning News" report, the Economic and Technological Development Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Changsha City has received complaints about the company's alleged pyramid schemes, and has repeatedly visited the door for inspection. It has also been jointly tested by the Economic Development Zone.

At that time, the relevant person in charge of the Economic Development Bureau said:

"We don't have the power to let any company move, but the mess is not welcome."

Nowadays, there are many projects in the market that are similar to the fun-step mode, such as fun sleep, fun walking, running, flashing, smart crystal, love punching cards, etc. They are similar to the fun mode, such as fun sleep, claiming " Sleeping is mining." According to the industry and commerce information, the registered address of the running and flashing steps is in Changsha.

(At the request of the respondent, Chen Peng, Li Jianyong and Li Liang are pseudonyms)

Text | Southern Weekend reporter Wang Weikai

Southern Weekend Intern Peng Yu

Source: Southern Weekend